Final Boss Feral Druid – Second Pass

Final Boss earlier this week posted a video on Feral Druids in the current Legion beta build. The quick and dirty summary:

  • New spell animations
  • No major game mechanic changes
    • Still Rake, Rip, Ferocious Bite
    • Snap-shotting still exists with Tiger’s Fury, Blood Talons and Savage Roar
  • Savage Roar is now a talent, not baseline
  • Thrash and Swipe now hit 360 degrees instead of a frontal cone

Link to video –

I plan on doing separate posts for talents and the artifact weapon in the future. Stay tuned.


Legion Expansion Release Date – 30th August

As you can tell from the title, the release date for the next World of Warcraft expansion Legion has been announced. It is scheduled for the 30th August, which is about 4 and a half months away.

Official Blizzard press release –

By pre-purchasing the expansion you get 1 boost to level 100. Pre-purchasing Legion will also grant early access to the Demon Hunter prior to the expansion’s release. During the pre-launch early-access period, players will be able to complete the Demon Hunter’s unique starting experience on the shattered, Legion-corrupted world of Mardum and achieve level 100, leaving them fully prepared to join their allies on the Broken Isles the moment the expansion launches.

Stay tuned for more content – coming soon (TM).


Cat Nap #15 – Feral Druid Design Discussion

There was a good summary on MMO Champion of some discussion between the Feral Druid Community and the developers recently. The main talking point was around the lack of value haste currently has and how that interacts with class design, specifically bleeds vs direct damage.

Link to MMO Champion Post –

Link to Official Forums –

Where do I stand?
I tend to agree with the intent of the developers, in that I would like to see better balance between direct damage and bleeds. When we become to focused in one particular area not only does it highlight our strengths, it also highlights our weaknesses e.g. too much bleed focus penalizes us switching targets. However this hasn’t been seen in game much if at all. All through MOP Swipe and Ferocious Bite were hit like a wet noodle. The Rune of Re-origination pushed the spec further down the bleed focused path.

I agree with the design that haste should not affect the speed that bleed tick at. That would just push us further down the bleed path rather than balancing bleeds vs direct damage. This quote sums it up perfectly:

‘Rake currently does ~500k, and Shred does ~130k. Again, no wonder Haste sucks, when all it gives you is more of those ~130k Shreds, not more Rakes.’

I’m hoping in Legion we can see this balance between bleeds and direct damage become a reality.

Feral Druid Tips for Hellfire Citadel Part 3

Time for part 3 of Hellfire Citadel. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t seen them yet. Don’t forget to check out the strategy conversations over at the Fluid Druid.

Phase 1
Focus Fel Iron Summoners. I’ve been moving to the next one just before the previous one dies, leaving my dots to tick. You should also use use Stampeding Roar to move between the Fel Iron Summoners. We take the summoners out in the following order – Doom Lord, Imps, Infernals.

Doom Lord – Switch to it and burn it down. Displacer Beast talent can be good for moving out if you get Mark of Doom.
Imps – The Imps that spawn are a nuisance as melee because they are so far a part, and worse for Feral because they are are low HP short lived target. If they are close by throw a Rake up or if they are several near by, use Thrash. Their Fel Imp-losion cast can be interrupted.
Infernals – Mostly they are the ranged dps job to take care off, but you can assist with the ones in melee range. There is a second or two after they have landed, but before they pop up where you can dot them not take any damage from their pulsing AOE.

Phase 2
Clean up any left over adds then get straight onto the boss. Imps and Infernals will still spawn. The fight is pretty single target / Patchwerk from here. Watch out for Fel Hellstorm, which you can see by black shadows on the ground of where they will land. Don’t worry too much if you get it, roll some rejuvs on yourself. And move out of Felseeker. For Mannoroths Gaze, our raid will stack up behind him with our backs to a wall. The wall stopped people from falling of the edge and kept everyone close and stacked to absorb the damage. However, there is a bug where you can fall through the wall. Just be mindful of it.

Phase 3
No Imps will spawn now, but Infernals will continue to. Like in the previous phases, leave them for the ranged, but cleave down any in melee and avoid any unnecessary damage. The only new ability in this phase is Shadow Gaze. It is tempting to use Stampeding Roar to counter this, but you want to save Stampeding Roar for phase 4 when Shadow Gaze becomes empowered.

Phase 4
In this phase, all of Mannoroth’s abilities become empowered, basically dealing more damage and having greater affects. Focusing on survivability over dps is your goal for this phase. Use Suvival Instincts liberally and keep rejuvs rolling on 2-3 people. During these phase Shadow Gaze’s empowerment affects the entire raid instead of just three people. This is what you are saving Stampeding Roar for. Even with a speed boost you can still get knocked back a lot of distance in a short period of time. Using Skull Bash is a good way to stay on the boss as it’s a mini Wild Charge.

I’ve step up an alert in DBM to remind me to use it. However, because the ability is used in phase three the reminder starts in phase three and I have accidentally used it too early which means it wasn’t off cool down for when the raid needed it in phase 4. If you know of a way to set up the alert in DBM to only apply to phase 4, let me know.

DBM custom text alert.

In DBM you can set up custom text alerts. You do this by clicking the red square beside the alert. This opens a text box where you can enter the text you would like. As a raid leader you can also send alerts to specific raid members.

Custome message

A screen shot showing the custom message I created highlighted in the red rectangle.

Phase 1
Start out by focusing on the boss and switching to the Hellfire Deathcaller add when it spawns. Don’t worry about Doomfire Spirit add, ranged dps will take care of it. Use Stamping Roar to help raid when moving from Allure of Flames.

Phase 2
When Archimonde reaches 55% health, he will begin to summon Felborne Overfiends and Dreadstalkers. The Felbourne Overfiends look like Baleroc from Firelands and are the adds that you will need to focus down. Their Flames of Argus spell can (and should) be interrupted. The Dreadstalkers look like Warlock Fel Hounds. They can’t be tanked and run out so just cleave them when you can, they are not a priority for melee.

Phase 3
If you are the in the Nether Banish team, enter the other realm and dps the Shadowed Netherwalker add. You should also interrupt it’s Touch of Shadow spell while avoiding the Void Star add. If you get fixated, pop a speed boost and kite it away from the team.

If you are on the staying on the outside, the Infernal Doombringers from Rain of Chaos will need to be pulled away from the raid and dps’d down. They need to be separated because they will heal each other when they are close together. You can stun, snare, knock back, root, taunt and Death Grip them. Depending on your raid comp, you may be required to go Bear and taunt the adds out. Typhoon is also good for separating them.

Final Thoughts
I think Hellfire Citatdel was a good, if not great raid. The raid in a vacuum, has very well designed encounters, and offers linear and non-linear progression – which is what players have been requesting. I enjoyed most of the encounters which didn’t disadvantage melee characters too much. From a mechanics standpoint I felt that I was doing a lot of interrupting, almost every boss. And they probably could have toned down the fel green a little bit. But a good thing is that I haven’t gotten to the stage where I dread going to raid (except for the first encounter, which is glorified trash) which I think is a combination of:

  • Tertiary bonuses – chance of an upgrade through warforge, socket or tertiary stat.
  • Skip to further in raid
  • Mix up of difficulty – after defeating really dense strategy bosses like Socrethar or Xhul’horac, it’s almost relaxing to have a fairly simple fight like Fel Lord Zahkurm to break up the intensity.

Unfortunately, I think Hellfire Citadels reputation will be tarnished because of the expansion it is in, which has coped considerable flack for lack of content and rehash – Achimonde was a raid boss in Burning Crusade, Mannoroth was defeated in Warcraft III etc…

What are your thoughts on Hellfire Citadel. Did you enjoy it? What would you change about it if you could? Let me know. You can leave a comment on the post, send me an email at, send me a tweet @Elamari_ or leave a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page


Looking for Feral Druid Guest Blogs

Between December 2015 and March 2016 I’m going to be holidaying, moving and starting a new job. My time for writing is going to be basically non-existent. However to help fill the void of content, I’m currently seeking expressions of interest from members of the Feral Druid community willing to donate their time to write a guest blog post.

Writing a guest blog is a great way to share knowledge, and express yourself. You don’t have to be a blogger yourself, you just have to be willing to give it ago. Since I started my blog in 2012, I’ve had several guest posts covering a range of topics.

One extra special thing I like to do with my guest bloggers, is offer YOU a platform to promote something of YOUR own. This can be your own blog, youtube channel, showcase some art if you are an artist, or podcast or whatever creative endeavour you are in to. It doesn’t even have to be WoW related. It’s purely a way for you as a guest blogger to generate some exposure to an audience that they may not normally target.

I have some ideas of topics for guest blogs that I would like to cover, but I am open to suggestions from people if they have their own idea or topic.

  • Legion alpha / beta information.
  • Guide to Heroic / Mythic raiding – What’s required to step up from normals / heroics, attitudes, time commitment, advanced gearing / rotation, finding your best in slot, loot distribution systems etc…
  • Addon reviews / set ups, guide to weak auras.
  • PVP – arena, rated battlegrounds, world pvp / gladiators sanctum (garrison), Ashran.
  • Introduction or guide to World of Logs / Warcraft Logs, how to improve dps from looking at logs.
  • Proving grounds – proven assailant / endless.
  • Soloing old content.

If you are interested in writing a guest blog, you can contact me by email at, on Twitter at @Elamari_ (there is an underscore at the end), my battle tag is Elamari#1350, or you can leave a comment on this post and I’ll follow it up. Don’t be shy and don’t think you have nothing to offer. Everyone has something to share, so take a chance, and hit me up.


Updates and stuff

Hi everyone,

I don’t usually speak about my personal life, but it is the reason behind my lack of posting for the last 6 weeks or more. I have recently gotten a new job that requires me to move interstate, went on a two week cruise of the South Pacific, got married in Fiji.

Now I’m in my new place and I have a lot of news to catch up on. I will have a few posts coming out in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.

Thanks for sticking with me through this lull in content.

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Legion Beta: Build 20740 Druid Affinities

The Legion beta has been data mined and some of the changes are out. Check out WoW Head for the full listing. Because there is so much information, I’ve broken it up into several posts. This post is about Druid Affinities. The other ones are on spell changes and Feral Talents.  As always check out the Fluid Druid Forums for good spec discussion.

In Legion, the talent tree has had a revamp. It’s still in the same format as Mists and Warlords (same levels, pick 1 of 3 choices) but the Dev’s have spiced it up a bit with more spec specific choices. Similar to how the level 100 talents work currently. I’ll discuss talents as a whole in another post, but I want to focus on the level 45 talents in this post called Affinities.

This row of talents lets you pick from from one of the three specs remaining where you will be granted access to some spells and effects from your chosen spec – you will have an affinity for your chosen talent. It’s like a weaker, permanent version of the Mist of Pandaria Heart of the Wild talent. What else is cool is you will get a modified version of your form based on the affinity you have chosen. See below for some images.

Legion Affinities

Affinities are the new level 45 talents in Legion. A Legion talent tree is up at WoW Head.

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