Stampeding Roar

When you have been playing a certain class long enough you get to know all the in’s and out’s of spells and abilities. One thing that I have noticed in this expansion is the number of druids that simply do not use stampeding roar at all / frequently enough.

Stampeding Roar tooltip

Stampeding Roar tooltip for cat form. It is the same for bear for but it costs 15 Rage (Image from Wowhead).

Stampeding roar was one of 3 new spells introduced in Cata for druids, able to be trained at level 83. The spell is a movement speed boost with an area of affect range. With only a 6 sec duration, 40% speed increase and unable to be used while under stealth, it was met with a lot of disappointment from the community. Many calling it the most useless spell in the druid spell book.

Good thing for us druids is that Blizz took note and buffed it in Patch 4.1. Increasing the movement speed to 60%, duration increased up to 8 secs from 6 secs and making it not break stealth when used.

With the buffs of Patch 4.1, stampeding roar became a great spell. It has loads of great situational use (I’ll go over some prime examples below), but first to give some perspective, lets compare it to the other druid movement speed boost; Dash.

Dash IconDash Stampeding Roar Cat FormStampeding Roar
Speed increase 70% 60%
Cool down 3 min
(2 min 40 sec glyphed)
2 min
Duration 15 secs 8 secs
Area of affect Druid only 10 yards

So we can see here how great of a spell it is. With such a short cool down and 10 yard range it simply doesn’t see enough usage in game. In the next section I am going to go over some common situations and scenarios where stampeding roar has great usage.

Right place, right time
With its short cool down, stampeding roar can be used in a lot of situations and even multiple times in a dungeon. However, I have picked 4 extra good situations to use it; One from the Hour of Twilight dungeons and 1 each from the raid tiers.

Stampeding Roar

Mobility is one of a feral druids strengths. Abuse it for all it’s worth!

Hour of Twilight Heroic 5 man – The Well of Eternity
This dungeon sees your party moving around while under stealth with Illidan. While the party is grouped up it is a great opportunity to use stampeding roar to get things moving. If you use it straight after crossing the first line of demons, it should be off cool down after the 3rd trash pack and bring you swiftly back to the centre for the 1st boss.

Tier 11 Blackwing Decent – Magmaw
During the Magmaw boss fight, the melee has to stack up on one side of the boss. The boss then casts a spell which can be seen on the floor that requires you to move to the other side. When you see this spell, use your stampeding roar to get everyone across faster. The faster people move, the less damage they will take and your healers will thank you.


Shot of Magmaws room, pretty straight forward.

Tier 12 Firelands – Major-domo Staghelm
Staghelm has two phases and which phase he is in depends on how your raid is positioned. Your raid can encounter problems if you are slow to move into position. Stampeding roar can help with this, particularly going from Scorpion Phase (stacked up) to Cat Phase (spread out). The best time to use stampeding roar is just before you get the call to spread giving everyone the movement speed boost to make the transition smooth.

Scorpion Phase

Staghelm in Scorpion Phase. Screen shot from when my guild was progressing in Firelands.

Tier 13 Dragon Soul – Yor’sahj the Unsleeping
This encounter requires your raid to run from the centre of the room where the boss is being tanked to kill the coloured slimes that move towards the boss. The perfect to use stampeding roar is while everyone is stacked at the boss just before they move out to kill the slimes.


Yor’sahj screen shot from LFR.

Stampeding roar is an awesome part of your tool kit so take advantage of it. I would be keen to hear of more situations / scenarios where you think this spell shines. You can post a comment here or send me an email

<Naenae> Proudmoore, US


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