Mists of Pandaria Talents: Tier 4 – Level 60

The Fluid Druid is a blog that I have been following for years. Alaron from the Fluid Druid also writes the Shifting Perspectives column for Ferals and Moonkins at WoW Insider. This week he was discussing the final three talent tiers, levels 60, 75 & 90, from the Mists of Pandaria Talent tree. You can find his post here.

Once again I am sharing my views on the last half of the talents. You can play around with the MOP talent calculator and you can view my post on the first three tiers here. I had some feed back regarding my first post and I have tried to act upon it in this post. As always feedback, comments and questions are appreciated. I will be breaking this topic up over a couple of posts. Today I will look at the Tier 4 talents. Watch this space for the Tier 5 and 6 reviews coming soon.

Tier 4 – Level 60

Tier 4 talent choices

Tier 4 talent choices available at level 60.

The talents in this tier are the only on-roll / DPS talents. I was really disappointed with Druids only having one of this type of talent, but I will save my overall synopsis for another post.

It’s Talent Time
Soul of the Forest: Feral – Your finishing moves grant 4 Energy per combo point.

Incarnation: Feral, King of the Jungle – Improved Cat Form that allows the use of all abilities which normally require stealth, allows the use of Prowl in combat and removes the positional requirement of Ravage.

Force of Nature: Summons 3 treants to assist in the Druid’s current combat role for 15 sec.  Treant capabilities vary by specialization.  Useable in all shapeshift forms.

Talent Review
Incarnation was originally the talent that caught my attention because you gain a new armoured cat model for the duration of the spell. But I was scared off because of the tool tip thinking it wouldn’t be worth the effort.
Originally I thought the Incarnation tool tip meant that I had to go into stealth and then use Ravage required a global cool down not spent on damage dealing = a DPS loss. But after watching a video by Preach, I found out you can simply spam Ravage for the duration of the spell.

Incarnation has a 3 min CD so lines up beautifully with our major DPS cooldown Berserk. This is a burst DPS option as pointed out by Alaron. I tried Incarnation with my bear spec and was not a fan. The new tanking model Blizz has gone with means you need to focus more on what buttons you press and when you press them. Your survivability litterally depends on it. Adding another button with Incarnation felt like it made things more stressful when I was testing it on the Beta.

Feral Incarnation Model

By modifying the models Druids use the developers can bring some visal love to a class that doesn’t get the full benefit from transmogrification. Fire Kitty was a good start and this is taking it a step further. Kudos to Blizz ❤

Force of Nature is a burst option with a different flavour and is also very iconic to Moonkins. The summoned treants have a different ability they use depending on which specialisation you have selected. As Feral the treants have a stun which may see some wider use in PVP. However, the ‘fire and forget’ nature of the spell would have greater usage on fights with lots of movement as Alaron mentions.


Who doesn’t love these guys. Their /dance was the best!

Soul of the Forest was the choice I went with because I prefer passive abilities to ‘on use’ abilities. As all Ferals are aware as well as some others, the Feral rotation can be “difficult” at times, so less buttons to worry about is better in my book. But that is just personal preference. Where this talent drops down is when your uptime is limited, such as target swapping (like on Yor’sahj) or high movement fights (like Warmaster Blackhorn). In those situations one of the other options could produce a better result. This talent was recently buffed from 3 energy to 4 energy per combo point increasing its appeal to me.

Simplified Feral Druid dps rotation

A run through of the “difficult” Feral Druid rotation.

I would like to see Blizzard balance these choices so they are basically level. That way you can choose based on flavour or style preference and not have your DPS penalised.

I would like to hear which talents you have chosen and why. You can post a comment here or send me an email fileunderferal@gmail.com.

<Naenae> Proudmoore, US


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