Sheep Moon

Hey readers, just a quick mid week update. As some readers may know, I try to be active in the WOW community by commenting on blogs, being active on forums and participating in discussions. One blog that I have been following basically since its creation is Sheep Moon. Sheep Moon is run be Deededee a fellow WOW player. I like his blog because he talks about different issues and items that are not news related. He has had a series running where he ranks raid instances and discusses what he liked / disliked and what could have been improved. He has a really interesting perspective.

Dee also runs his own podcasts where he talks about his blog posts. He has some awesome sounders for introducing the different sections and has recently started to cover the news at the request of some of his listeners. I comment on nearly all of Dee’s posts and he talks about my comments in his podcasts. He has been giving me shoutouts for weeks now. So everyone head over to Dee’s blog ( and leave a comment. Who knows, you might get a shoutout in the podcast too.

Sheep Moon

Sheep Moon is a WOW blog covering a wide range of topics and issues run by Deededee. Dee has a lot of interesting perspective on WOW especially his ranking of the raids. Check it out. (Image from Sheep Moon)

The reason I am giving Dee a huge shoutout is that he has kindly offered to share my blog post about Tips for leveling as Feral as part of his blog. So I am returning the favour and giving him a huge shout out on my blog. I would like to have him do a guest blog in the future. He plays a Warrior tank which is similar to a Guardian Druid. That should be really interesting and I can’t wait.

<Naenae> Proudmoore, US

Deededee’s Contact Information

Sheep Moon Blog Site:
Sheep Moon Week In Review Podcast:


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