Team Waffle Cast Talks Feral and Answers Questions

Before I get into this weeks post I have a few shout outs. A podcast that I listen to called Darkmoon Herald was talking about different strategies and methods to get the guild achievement for killing 50,000 critters. I sent them an email with a suggestion that my friends and I did in order to get the achievement which they discussed in episode 25. You can check out episode 22 of The Darkmoon Herald for more information on this achievement. If you would like to know what my friends and I did exactly, leave a comment or send me an email.

The crew from The Training Dummies gave me another shout out for commenting on the episodes at their website. Thanks for the kind words.

Finally thanks to Deededee from Sheep Moon. As I said in my last blog post, I have been following Dee basically from day 1 and comment on all his posts. He gave me a shout out in another podcast the does called WOW Uncensored. WARNING! WOW Uncensored contains explicit content. It is not for the easily offended. I enjoy it for a laugh and you have been warned.

Darkmoon Herald

Darkmoon Herald

The Training Dummies

The Training Dummies

Sheep Moon

Now onto today’s topic.

Team Waffle Cast is a podcast for Druids, by Druids. It is run by Arielle from The Inconspicuous Bear. They do a show once a fortnight or weekly depending on how much Druid specific news has been released. Every so often they do a ‘roundtable’ discussion about each of the 4 classes where they invite knowledgeable members from that community to come on the show. Feral Druids was the topic of this week’s roundtable.

As I have mentioned before, The Fluid Druid is a blog site that I have been following for a long time. The blog also has a forums section where I have recently become more active in. Tinderhoof who is a Feral theorycrafter was asked to appear on the Feral roundtable and posted a thread asking for viewer questions to be answered on the show. I commented on the thread and several questions of mine were answered . A transcript of my questions and responses from the crew are below. You can download the show from the Team Waffle cast website.

1. Does healing from bandages get the bonus healing from the Glyph of Cat Form?

TWC Response – “Yes the healing bonus does stack”.
* This gives us even more healing for us to maximize our up time while leveling through Mists of Pandaria.

2. Are you still able to dodge when you use the Bear Hug spell?

TWC Response – “Apparently you can. It is Guardian only. It is a pure dps button and if Mangle is down and Savage Defence is going to be up for the next 3 seconds, sure. The big problem that people were seeing with it is that you wouldn’t be able to dodge, but seeing as you can dodge while using it there is no real down side except you can press any other buttons and the only other button you would to press is Mangle anyway but you wouldn’t gain any rage from auto attacks but it kind of depends. I can see ways of weaving it in. It does stun the target so 5 mans is probably the best place to use it”.
* Not really relevant for Ferals, but as I play Guardian as well it’s nice to know about it.

3. Does energy still get refunded for attacks that don’t land?

TWC Response – “Yep”.
* This means that hit and expertise values are not as important as crit and mastery. However, personally I am a fan of capping because it makes the rotation flow better. There is nothing worse than pooling energy for a Ferocious Bite, using it and thinking its hit so you start spamming Shred or another button only for it to have been dodged. This means you have wasted energy and combo points.

4. Currently Icy Veins says on their Macros and Addons page for Feral Druids “Currently, we feel that there is no need for additional addons to play a Feral Druid to its full potential”. What do you guys think of this statement?

TWC Response – “Yeah you’re crazy. Balls. Keeping track of like 4 different things that are in 4 different places in the Blizzard default UI is just, it’s not going to happen, sorry. So what you recommend in the way of addons? I personally love Druid Focus that helps keep track of an awful lot of things and I use Raven for anything else Druid Focus doesn’t keep track of. Ovale. We are all big Ovale fans. What about PVP? Any sort of, outside of the obvious ones like what ever the arena one is now it went through serval iterations of naming and like BG target and stuff. Is there anything special you use in PVP to keep track of your stuff? I use a lot of addons but none of them are necessary. I use them because I’m bad. I use Power Auras and Bartender and Gladiators and all that sort of stuff. But none of those are really necessary in arena if you are just aware of what’s going on. Being used to your UI and keeping track of what’s going on in the game. What ever lets you do that is what you should use”.
* My thoughts exactly.

Team Waffle Cast

Team Waffle Cast.
A podcast for Druids, by Druids.

Thanks to the Team Waffle Cast crew for answering my questions. I did ask a few other questions that the crew did answer during the show but they were too difficult to transcribe. If you have any questions that you would like answered by the Team Waffle Cast crew you can visit the Fluid Druid or The Inconspicuous Bear forms and post them there or you can email the crew directly at

I would like to hear any questions that you might have about Ferals and/or your thoughts on these ones. You can leave a comment here or send me an email

<Naenae> Proudmoore, US


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