Mists of Pandaria Preperation

Since we are under 24 hours away from Mists of Pandaria going live I would like to share some tips and pointers to give you a leg up going into Mists. But before I go into that, last week I was interviewed by Deededee from Sheep Moon Week in Review where we discussed all things Feral Druid. Talent choices, glyphs and symbiosis were covered. I had loads for fun doing the interview (it was my 1st time) so a huge thanks to Dee for having me on. You can check out Episode 8 over at his website sheepmoon.com. Now, on with what will be my very last blog post for Cataclysm.

Pre Launch
Out with the old and in with the new. It’s time to empty out those bags, banks and void storage. This goes for all characters too, not just your main. When I leveled on the beta, I found that I was collecting a lot of cloth and that there were plenty of novelty / vanity items along the way. If you are an item hoarder, make sure you have ample bag space.

Double check your glyphs and talents, you want to make sure you are set up for leveling to make it as smooth and pain free as possible as your raid set up will most likely not be the most optimal for levelling. I did a post 3 weeks ago with some more detail about such things. Just quickly though, make sure you have your Glyph of Cat Form slotted for a 20% bonus to all healing you receive and Glyph of Savagery to keep Savage Roar up. This is most important because it increases ALL of your damage by 30%. I found that the creatures don’t start to make an impact until around the level 87-88 mark, which is about the time when you would be entering Kun Lai summit. If you are currently raid geared this is probably where you will start to see your first significant upgrades from quest rewards. The item level is approaching 390 to 400.

You can gain some quick XP and profession skill points by completing daily quests (Cooking, Fishing, Jewelcrafting) and NOT handing them in. Hold them in your quest log until Mists goes live. If you really want to get to level 90 as fast as possible you can take this a step further and complete some of the other dailies e.g. Tol Barad, Deepholm and/or Twilight Highlands. Personally I chose Tol Barad and Deepholm because both hubs have portals back to Stormwind where you hand in so you don’t waste anytime traveling. I’m assuming the same is true for Horde side. Remember to keep them in your quest log and hand them in AFTER Mists goes live.

There was a recent blue post saying that when it’s time to go live, a bread crumb quest will appear automatically in your quest log to bring your over to Pandaria. There was no definite answer to whether you had to leave room for this quest or if you could still accept it even with 25 quests currently active. My suggestion would be to leave one space free just to be sure.

Quest Log

A screen shot of my quest log. I chose to do cooking, fishing, jewelcrafting, both islands of Tol Barad and the Therazane dailies.

Post Launch
When you get to Pandaria and are really in the swing of levelling, keep all the materials you find such as cloth, ore, herbs, leather, archaeology keystones, white cooking items etc… On the Beta, white cooking items had flavour text in their tool tip that says “used in cooking” so you know definitely what it is used for. The reason you are saving these items is to sell them. At the start of the expansion there is a high demand of these items and due to their scarcity, you can sell them at a hugely inflated price for a nice profit. This is why you need plenty of bag space, so you aren’t forced to vendor or delete them and why your bank alt needs lots of bag space too.

If you are worried about your professions, there are couple of points to consider.

  • In a few weeks time after a lot of people have leveled up, the prices of all these goods will plummet and you can buy back the items at a cheaper rate and still be in front.
  • If you are a raider the 1st raid, Mogu’shan Vaults, isn’t being released until 1 week after Mists goes live. You don’t need to rush on the first or second day to level your professions.
  • There are a number of daily quests that reward skill points for professions. Don’t be afraid to come back to Stormwind or Orgimar and do the Fishing and Cooking dailies each day. They are a quick and easy way to earn profession skill points. And let’s not forget about the Darkmoon Faire which will be back in town just 2 weeks after Mists goes live. If you can hold out until then, you will save yourself a lot of gold then leveling the ‘normal’ way.
  • Most professions have a stat bonus, such as the special gems for Jewelcrafters or extra sockets for Blacksmiths. It is important to note that you do not need the maximum skill level in those professions to gain access to these abilities. If you feel the need to level your professions straight away go for it, but if you stop once you get your stat bonuses so you can take advantage of the free levels.

My last piece of advice is to make an effort to quest through Kun Lai summit. This is because it houses the quest chain to open up the Vale of Eternal Blossoms zone. The Vale of Eternal Blossoms is the zone that contains the new capital cities for the Horde and Alliance. This area is central on the continent of Pandaria and central to where all of your new daily quests extend out from. You will find ambassadors from the new factions there that will offer you breadcrumb quests to other daily hubs around the continent once you reach level 90. In order to give yourself the biggest advantage, I suggest opening up this zone as soon as possible. You don’t want to skip it and have to come back and spend extra time to unlock it at level 90.

I am really excited for Mists of Pandaria and can’t wait to get in there. I am keen to hear how your levelling experience goes so leave a comment or send me an email at fileunderferal@gmail.com. Have fun and see you on Pandaria.

<Naenae> Proudmoore, US


2 thoughts on “Mists of Pandaria Preperation

  1. I remember hearing about the ‘completed quest turn-in’ idea before Cataclysm launched. I believe some players encountered a bug which stopped them from gaining XP when handing in the quests. IIRC all they needed to do was kill any mob and it was fixed, so if you encounter something similar tonight try killing a mob to get the XP ball rolling!

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