Making the jump into Mists of Pandaria LFR

After you reach max level the gearing up process begins. Since the first wing of LFR is being released this week you will want to gear up from heroics as soon as possible in order to queue for LFR.

Gearing Up For Heroic Dungeons
Heroic dungeons require you to have an item level of 440 to queue using the dungeon finder tool. The loot rewards from the heroic dungeons are rare quality (blue) and item level 463. The minimum item level need for LFR is 460.  Today I have some tips to help get you geared and ready to queue for and run LFR.

Run Brewfest
The Brewfest event has been updated for MOP and requires you to be level 89 to queue for. As always the boss Coren Direbrew drops several epic trinkets all item level 470. As a Feral Druid you are after Coren’s Cold Chromium Coaster. This trinket is not great because it only procs on critical strikes. Due to our low gear level and thus low stat ratings this results in very low uptime. But it is just the stepping stone to get you into heroics and will also help getting into LFR.

Coren's Cold Chromium Coaster

The Mists of Pandaria melee dps trinket. Holy alliteration Batman. (Image from WoW Head)

Quest From 89 to 90 In The Dread Wastes
Quest rewards in the Dread Wastes range from item level 437 greens to 450 blues. You will most likely upgrade a lot of your gear in this zone which will help you gear up for heroics. The item level 450 blue rewards are available for your shoulders, belt and boots.

Obtaining A Weapon
The best dps increasing stat for Ferals is weapon dps, represented as number in brackets below the weapons damage range. So a good weapon is paramount. To get you into heroics you can easily obatin a weapon from the The Arena of Annihilation Scenario quest reward; an item level 450 staff; Scar-Shell’s Scintillating Staff. This will serve you until you replace it with one of the three heroic drops from either Shadow-Pan Monastery, Scarlet Monastery or Gate of the Setting Sun all at item level 463.

Scar Shell's Scintillating Staff

Probably the easier weapon upgrade you will get. Don’t forget to que for the scenario when you hit level 90. (Image from WoW Head)

Generally speaking, scenarios alone are not an efficient way of gearing up. If you queue for and complete a random scenario you receive a Cache of Treasures that has the chance to contain item level 463 blue gear, such as the Forgotten Waistband of the Zephyr which dropped for me. The effort required for the reward just is not there. Run them for fun, run heroics for gear.

Justice Point Vendor
In Townlong Steppes at the top of the Niuzao Temple you will find a vendor that sells gear for Justice Points. These items no longer require any reputation to unlock thanks to a recent patch. Chest and legs cost 2250 Justice Points each. Trinkets and gloves cost 1750 Justice Points and cloaks, rings and neck pieces cost 1250 Justice Points. I recommond using this to either fill the gaps in order to be able to queue for heroics or replace any gear lagging behind.

BOE Gear
There is always BOE availabe but it tends to be quite expensive. However thers is a trinket crafted by engineers that is extremely useful, Ghost Iron Dragonling. This can be used by anyone and the same goes for the cog wheel slots. They are easy to make requiring only 28 Ghost Iron Ore and 12 Windwool cloth. Currently they are going for 220 gold on my sever, Proudmoore-US. This is a very worth while investment because the cog wheels offer 600 of secondary stats and you get three of them, you only need to be level 87 to equip it and it is cheap. if you get this trinket early on it will be quite a while before you find a replacement.

Ghost Iron Dragonling

Finally a way for Engineers to make some money. (Image from WoW Head)

Gearing Up For LFR
An LFR guide was recently published on MMO Champion. It is saying that LFR could be quite challenging because LFR is going to have the full mechanics from the normal fight and it appears you will not be able to ignore some mechanics like in Dragon Soul e.g. Hour of Twilight on Ultraxion. To put yourself in best possible position of success means you have to work on getting the best possible gear available to you.

Reputation Vendors
While questing in Dread Wastes you will be introduced to The Klaxxi faction and be earning quite a substantial amount of reputation with them, ultimately unlocking the quartermaster and a daily quest hub.To get into LFR you will need to finish out the zone and do dailies to reach revered. When you reach honored you will be able to purchase an item level 489 neck piece for 1,250 Valor Points, Choker of the Klaxxi’va.

When you reach level 90 and are exploring the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, you will find a quest hub at the Golden Pagoda. Completing these quests will give reputation with the Golden Lotus faction and unlock another daily quest hub. Unfortunately this reputation grind is quite slow so you may not reach honored before LFR is released and definately not revered. When you do reach honored an item level 489 ring for is available for 1,250 Valor Points, Anji’s Keepsake.

The Shado-Pan and August Celestials also have items availble that also required honored and revered reputation. Unfortunately you can not start grinding their reputation until you are revered with the Golden Lotus. So keep doing those dailies. Items purchasable from the reputation vendors can also be puchased from the dedicated Valor Point vendor located beside the Justice Point vendor at the Niuzao Temple in Townlong Steppes. This vendor is where you also turn in your tier tokens.

The Sha Of Anger World Boss
The Sha of Anger is a world boss that is found in Kun-Lai Summit. The boss requires a large raid group of at least 25 people to take down. The boss drops item level 496 Tier 14, item level 464 Season 12 PvP gear and a quest item, which is available to all raid members. The quest rewards item level 476 boots; Boots of Raging Haze.The other great thing about this boss is that you have the option to use your Elder Charm of Good Fortune for an extra chance at loot.

At this time during the expansion there is a high amount of people in game. If you keep an eye on trade chat you will more than likely find a group running so jump in  when you find an opportunity.

Sha of Anger

The world boss spawns in Kun-Lai Summit. There are 3 locations where it can spawn. Just take note that when it is alive, it turns all the surrounding creatures into elites. If you are levelling through the zone, best to give this guy a wide berth. (Image from Image Shack)

The Usual Suspects
As the case with every gearing up process there are the regular ways to gear up. Crafted, world and raid dropped BOEs, Darkmoon Card Decks, profession specific pieces e.g. Alchemist Stones and PVP gear. BOEs can be expensive. If you are willing to fork out the gold then they are viable. The goal is to be able to queue for LFR so you want your purchases to be a worthwhile investment and not have them be replaced straight away. With that being said, there are two good weapons that I will draw you attention too.

Inscription and Archaeology both offer a weapon. The Spear of Xuen is a Pandaren artefact and is equivalent to a heroic dungeon drop and the Inscribed Tiger Staff from Inscription is equivalent to LFR gear. Personally, I have discovered the spear but it was not until after I got a heroic dungeon drop. Since LFR is released this coming Wednesday shelling out a substantial amount of gold for the Inscription staff at this point is not a worth while investment.

And that is it. Hopefully MOPs first LFR wont be as bad as the Dragon Soul version was. Unfortunately I wont be able to test it out until I get home next week. In any case let me know what you think about the gearing up process. Did you find it difficult or easy? Did you purchase and BOEs and do you think that they were a good investment? Feel free to leave a comment on this or send me an email at

<Naenae> Proudmoore, US


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