Social Media Update

Long time no post. I have been extremely busy with end of semester uni work, finally finishing a Plan of Management on the Spotted-tailed Quoll. For those of you who are interested, I am currently studying Environmental Science. Anyway I am on a 3 month break from uni started today and I finally go around to making a Twitter account and a Facebook page. This post is just about updating my contact information. Next week I will get back into regular weekly posts.

My previous post about making the jump to LFR has been amazingly successful receiving a lot of views. It is good to know I am creating content that people want to see. So you can send me a tweet on Twitter, follow me on Facebook in addition to sending me an email or commenting on the blog. All comments, questions, suggestions and feedback are welcome and appreciated so drop me a line.


Twitter: @Elamari_

The Fluid Druid Forums as Elamari:
Signals Media Forums as Elamari:

<Naenae> Proudmoore, US


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