WOTLK Feral Rotation Flow Chart (Parody)

There have been a lot of requests for this funny image. It is a parody flow chart of the Feral Rotation from Wrath of the Lich King. So a bit of history.

During WOTLK Ferals had all the same spells as they have now, the difference was the durations. For example; Mangle only had a 15 sec duration, Rake had a 9 sec duration & Rip was 15 sec but could be extended with the old Glyph of Shred (Every time you use Shred, it extended the duration of Rip by 2 sec up to a maximum of 6 sec). Also due to the way our damage was structured, you dps really plummeted if you let Savage Roar drop off. The short durations of all the spells in combination with managing Savage Roar made the “rotation” very complex and hectic when combined with encounter mechanics, raid awareness and utility. I discuss Feral Druid utility in last weeks post.

Thankfully we have had a lot of quality of life changes to make things easier. Rake has had their base duration increased to 15 secs. The old Glyph of Shred is now a passive part of the Rip spell. The old Blood in the Water Cataclysm talent baked into Ferocious Bite to give Ferals a passive, permanent execute, rather than just weaving in the odd Ferocious Bite as it was during WOTLK. In Cataclysm the Mangle debuff duration was increased to 1 min and now in Mists of Pandaria it has been removed entirely. There is now a glyph available that allows you to cast Savage Roar with a 12 sec duration with zero combo points. So without further delay, here it is in all of its glory.

Simplified Feral Druid dps rotation

Wrath of the Lich King Feral cat dps parody flow chart.

If you have any questions about the changes to Feral Druids between Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria there is a good guide / summary over at WoW Head or you can contact me directly by leaving a comment on the post, sending me an email at fileunderferal@gmail.com, sending me a tweet @Elamari_ or leaving a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FileUnderFeral.


2 thoughts on “WOTLK Feral Rotation Flow Chart (Parody)

  1. Heh. Faerie fire (feral) actually had a 40 second duration at the start of Wrath.
    And if I recall correctly, it went to 2 minutes and then 5.

    Mangle had only a 12 second duration, glyphed it was at 18, then they changed it to 15 for a while when they changed the glyph to a 10% damage boost.

    And during Wrath, there was always debate in the druid community about whether or not to use FB at all. It was too “dangerous” to let either Rip or SR drop off, so while most would say there was a theoretical DPS increase from FB, I know I rarely used it, unless I knew I was going to be away from the boss for a while.

    Then there were the threat problems… We had a built in threat reducer of 82% of normal threat. However, our threat dump, Cower, would be multiplied by that 82% as well, but cower only handled a fixed amount of threat. By ToC with a decently geared kitty, one yellow hit could produce as much threat as Cower would take off. And even if you walked away from the boss, the DoTs were still ticking, building threat. I can’t tell you how many bosses would turn around and squish me and then go back to the tank, because I was totally focused on keeping up my priority system.

    That said, all those complaints, but I miss it somewhat honestly. It was complex, it was hard to keep up with and remain raid aware…but, druids who did it well would be near the top of the DPS charts, otherwise you were at the bottom, there was no middle ground. The class took skill and research and understanding and that’s when I fell in love with my kitty.

    There was a saying at the time, Kitties are the only class where they complain when they give you a buff. And it was true…when you were good, you felt you earned it and it showed up in the numbers. And the more easy they made things, the less…rewarding it felt to be at the top.

    But I’m being nostalgic and rambling. And I loved that image, because it was true…

    • I remember those days too. So many times in TOC I got stomped by Gormok the Impaler when he came out because of threat. Cower was useless. I hated bosses where I couldn’t get behind? I was lucky that during ICC we had an arms warrior and when they played I didn’t have to Mangle.

      I found this image the other day, looks like a “propper” flow chart from back then. Feral Druid Flow Chart

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