Addon review: Clique and Feral Druids

Following up from my post on raid frames for Feral Druids I am going to talk about an addon that compliments raid frames nicely. Clique is an addon that enables click-casting and hover-casting on unit and raid frames much the same as mouse over macros do. The biggest advantage of this addon is that it allows you to more quickly select both the spell to cast and the target of the spell without requiring an extra click.

Clique is very versatile. It allows the use of modifiers (shift, alt, control) when binding spells, it can be used with any unit / raid frames including the standard Blizzard frames and it can activate macros. Clique also has a number of customizable settings such as dual spec profiles, activation based on whether you are in combat or not and activation based on the type of target i.e. friendly or enemy.

Feral Druids have a large number of spells which offer specific utility outside of their normal rotation including; combat resurrection, dispels, crowd control and off healing. Cliques’ ability to select the spell to cast and the target simultaneously can be the difference in getting a battle rez off in time or clicking the wrong spell at an important time.

I am going to go into which spells I bind using Clique, provide a brief overview of how to create, change and delete bindings with Clique and finally list the advantages Clique has over mouse over macros.

Important Spells to Bind
Before I go into which spells I have bound with Clique, I think it is important to mention the hardware the addon is centered around, your mouse. I have a fairly simple 5 button mouse – Logitech MX518. It is marketed as a gaming mouse, but it really is quite standard these days especially when compared other gaming mice available such as the Razer Naga or the Logitech G600. With the use of modifiers five buttons translates into 21 possible bindings. You don’t need fancy or expensive hardware in order to use this addon.

I have identified two main approaches that can be taken when setting up bindings with Clique; offensive and defensive. Offensive is classified as binding main role spells (attacking / healing) with Clique as opposed to regular key binding. Defensive is classified by only binding specific, situational spells with Clique leaving your main role spells on regular key bindings. There is no right or wrong way as everyone plays the game differently. Personally from a Feral Druid’s perspective I use Clique in a defensive manner. The following spells are ones that I personally have bound using Clique.

Dispels – Druids have two types of dispels capable of removing three types of debuff; Poison, curse and enrage. Remove Corruption is bound to Alt + left button and Soothe is Alt + right button. I try to keep my settings similar across all of my characters, for example on my Paladin, Priest and Shaman dispels are all Alt + left button. The Priest has two different types so it also uses Alt + right button.

Combat Resurrection – Rebirth is bound to my middle mouse button which is also the scroll wheel. This was one of the first Clique bindings I used. It is easy to reach and there is very little chance of using the wrong spell or pressing the wrong binding.

Innervate – This was the second spell that I bound. Since it was changed when Cataclysm was released it doesn’t see much usage anymore from a Ferals perspective. However as it still takes a lot of mana to heal myself to full, I find that I use it on myself more than anything else. I have it bound to button 4, which is the rear thumb button, closest to your hand.

Crowd Control – The three crowd control spells available to all druids without talents, Entangling Roots, Cyclone & Hibernate are all bound to button 5, the front thumb button. I bound these spells according to usefulness. In terms of usefulness my experience has found Entangling Roots > Cyclone > Hibernate. This is why I gave Entangling Roots the best spot with no modifier because I will most likely be using it more often than the other two. Cyclone is modified by Alt and Hibernate by Ctrl.

Clique mouse set up

This image shows which spells I have bound to which of my mouse buttons using Clique. (Mouse image from

Setting up bindings with Clique
Once you download and install the addon, Clique is very easy to access, use and set up. After you log into the game open your spell book (default binding is the letter “p”).  You will notice that there is now an additional tab with a white mouse wearing a blue wizard hat on your spell book below your different specs tab, this is the Clique tab. Simply click it to open the Clique binding mode. This will open the Clique panel to the right of your spell book.

Clique tab

You can see in this image the Clique tab below the three specs tab on my spell book. Simply click the tab to open the Clique panel.

To bind a spell, move your cursor over the spell you wish to bind in your spell book and click with which ever button or modifiers you wish to use. You can tell that you are in Clique binding mode by the tool tip that is displayed above the top left icon in your spell book. Your bindings are automatically saved once you click them. You will see them appear in the Clique panel to the right of your spell book when they are created.

Clique panel

In this image you can see the Clique panel to the right of the spell book. I will also point out the notification in the top left of the spell book which lets you know that you are still in Clique binding mode. It is circled in red.

To change a binding that you have previously set, right click the spell in the Clique panel you wish to change and select the change binding option. To set a new binding, place your cursor over the red button that says “Set binding” and click your binding with your button or modifiers as you would when creating a new binding. After you have done this, click accept and your new binding will be saved.

Clique change binding

In this image you can see the change binding panel. To change a binding place your cursor over the red button that says “Set binding” and click your binding with your button or modifiers as you would when creating a new binding.

To delete a binding right click the spell in the Clique panel you wish to delete and select the delete binding option. When you are finished with your binding you exit Clique binding mode by clicking the X in the top right corner of the Clique window and you are done.

Deleting bindings is very easily done. Simply right click the binding you wish to delete and select the delete option.

Deleting bindings is very easily done. Simply right click the binding you wish to delete and select the delete option.

Advantages of Clique over mouse over macros
Both Clique and mouse over macros are used in the same niche; mouse over click casting. Clique as several advantages compared to mouse over macros.

  • When activating a binding with Clique you only require 1 hand. Most mouse over macro set ups require two hands; one to position the cursor over the unit frame and the second to active the macro. Clique combines the two actions into a single hand leaving your other hand for movement or activating other abilities etc…
  • As I mentioned in the introduction, Clique allows you to more quickly select both the spell to cast and the target of the spell without requiring an extra click. By combining both actions you save time. For a single cast, the time save would be negotiable, however over the course of a long encounter the amount of time saved would become significant.
  • Clique is compatible with any unit frames including the default Blizzard ones. Clique also has the advantage of not relying on additional addons to function it is a stand alone product.
  • Clique stores its own settings in your directory meaning that you don’t lose space on your action bars or use up all of your macro slots.
  • Clique can be used to activate macros e.g. activating crowd control macro that uses Nature’s Swiftness for an instant cast Entangling Roots.

Making use of your utility, improving your reaction time and developing other skills such as situational awareness and making split second decisions all contribute to improving your personal skill which will make you a better player. Using the Clique addon can help you remarkably as a Feral Druid. Using your battle rez at the exact right time without delay or CC’ing a mind controlled raid member before they 2 hit the healer can mean the difference between a boss kill or another wipe. I highly recommend you take a look at it and see if you can integrate it into your UI and addon selection. Clique is available for download on Curse –

Do you use Clique and / or mouse over macros? How useful have you found them? Is there something that I missed in this post? Let me know what your thoughts are. You can leave a comment on the post, send me an email at, send me a tweet @Elamari_ or leave a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page

<Naenae> Proudmoore, US


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