Stampeding Roar – Tier 14 Edition

Continuing with the “numbers aren’t the only thing that makes you a good player” theme that has been present in several of my latest posts; I am going to re-visit a previous topic and discuss how it applies to the current raiding tier. The previous post on Stampeding Roar was written before Mists of Pandaria and there have been some minor changes to how players can interact with the spell, primarily through the revised glyph system. The encounter design of the current tier has created several opportunities to use this spell to its fullest potential which I will be exploring in this post.

Stampeding Roar tooltip

The old Stampeding Roar tool tip from Cataclysm. (Image from WoW Head)

What has changed?
In terms of basic function, the spell hasn’t changed; it still provides a 60% movement speed increase with a 2 minute cool down. One significant change is that the spell no longer has a resource cost. During Cataclysm Stampeding Roar used to cost 30 energy in Cat Form & 15 rage in Bear Form.
With Mists of Padnaria comes a quality of life change. Using the spell outside of Bear Form or Cat Form will activate Bear Form. This change is similar to what was done with Dash. When Dash is activated you are automatically shape-shifted into Cat Form in one global cool down. Previously activating Dash required two global cool downs; one to shift into Cat Form & one to activate the spell. Stampeding Roar benefits greatly from this change. The old Cataclysm talent Feral Swiftness that used to grant Stampeding Roar and Dash the ability to remove all roots and snares has become baseline for the spell in Mists of Pandaria.
The Mists of Pandaria version of the spell also no longer breaks Prowl. I found the old version particularly annoying when stealthing through old content. I would use Dash, my engineering tinker and then, not thinking, use Stampeding Roar only to be brought out of stealth and aggro a heap of mobs. Not happy Jan! I am really loving the change. This last change isn’t a change per se but is a point of interest. In January I wrote a post about movement speed increases to figure out which spells stacked together. Stampeding Roar unfortunately only stacks with the current Feline Swiftness talent increasing your movement speed to 184%.

Stampeding Roar Tool Tip

The current tool tip for Stampeding Roar in Mists of Pandaria. (Image from WoW Head)

Actively knowing what is in your arsenal of glyphs, adapting them to the encounter for a positive contribution to your raid is all a part of making you a better player. Mists of Pandaria has brought two new glyphs affecting Stampeding Roar.

These two glyphs provide excellent situational utility usage to an already highly versatile spell. The Glyph of Stampede appeals more to Druids that don’t play Feral / Guardian. With the removal of the extra global cool down Druids of other specializations can contribute their utility to the raid without it impacting too much on the individual. The Glyph of Stampeding Roar has great situational usage for times when your raid is spread out or when there is a large amount of people such as in 25 man raids and battlegrounds.

Right place, right time
With its short cool down and ability to remove all roots and snares from the affected targets, Stampeding Roar can be used in a variety of situations.

MSV – Feng the Accursed
During the phase changes, which are based on his HP (66% & 33%) Feng will be moved to a different section of the platform. Using Stampeding Roar just before the phase changes (67% & 34%) will help the melee damage dealers with their DPS up time and moving the raid to the next part of the platform. Stampeding Roar is also great for dealing with the Epicenter ability. If for some reason Nullifcation Barrier or Shroud of Reversal are down blow, use Stampeding Roar to help everyone get out of the damage.

MSV – The Spirit Kings
The Flanking Orders ability from Qiang the Mericiless’, which spawns adds that move across the room in a straight line, can be avoided with Stampeding Roar. Flanking Orders persists throughout the whole fight. You will be able to use the spell once on each King. The spell is also great for when the raid needs to move together and stay stacked up (Annihilate + Massive Attacks) or escaping from the skull add from Zian of the Endless Shadow’s Undying Shadows ability. A well timed Stampeding Roar will help with movement, potentially reducing raid damage and providing raid good positioning for future abilities.

Screen shot of Stampeding Roar with Flanking Orders in the Spirit Kings encounter.

Screen shot of Stampeding Roar with Flanking Orders in the Spirit Kings encounter.

HOF – Imperial Vizier Zor’lok
This boss encounter involves moving to and from platforms stationed around the edges of the room. To reach each platform you must pass through the centre of the room which is filled toxic Pheromones of Zeal, which deal damage and silences players. Imperial Vizier Zor’lok switches platforms at set HP percentages (80%, 60%, & 40%). Using Stampeding Roar for the platform changes reduces DPS down time and reduces the damage taken from Pheromones of Zeal when moving through the centre of the room. With only a 2 min cool down on Stampeding Roar, you should be able to get 2 uses during the encounter; the 1st and 3rd platform switches.

Stampeding Roar with Imperial Vizier Zor'lok

Screen shot of using Stampeding Roar to help moving between platforms in the Imperial Vizier Zor’lok encounter.

HOF – Blade Lord Ta’yak
Best usage of Stampeding Roar is during phase 2, when you are picked up by tornadoes and moved to the opposite end of the room. The raid is grouped up after being moved by the tornadoes making it the best time to use it. Make sure to check with your raid leader on the timing because you may want to take a moment to heal up raid members before moving. If that is the case, it is best to wait a little bit to get the full benefit from the spell.

ToES – Tsulong
Using Stampeding Roar during the Day phase will increase DPS up time moving to and between the adds. The spell will be off cool down each Day phase so don’t be afraid to use it. Alternatively, if you get feared during the Night phase you can use Stampeding Roar to get back to the boss. The encounter is long enough for 3-4 uses.

ToES – Lei Shi
Casting Stampeding Roar during the Get Away ability helps with keeping players in healing range and increase melee DPS up time. The phase ends when Lei Shi has taken 4% of her total HP in damage. More DPS = shorter phase.

This is not by any means a compressive guide of when to use Stampeding Roar, but an insight into a spell often forgotten but with impressive utility. This tier of raiding content presents opportunities in nearly every boss encounter to use the spell, I have highlighted a select few where I feel the spell shines. The encounters can change dramatically on heroic difficulty which may require you to rethink when you use Stampeding Roar. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what results you can get. While I personally am yet to complete Challenge Modes, I can see this spell being vitally important not only for its raid / party wide movement speed increase but its ability to remove all snares and roots as well and short cool down.

How often are you using Stampeding Roar? What are some other good situations to use this spell? I would like to hear your thoughts. You can leave a comment on the post, send me an email at, tweet me @Elamari_ or leave a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page

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