4 Valuable Feral Druid Macros

Macros are a highly useful function within World of Warcraft. Wowpedia describes what they are nicely;

The purpose of a Macro is to allow you to create some very simple custom actions or tasks, based on the existing game actions. A macro is just a sequence of slash commands, which are executed in order when you execute the macro.

The use of macros will make your play more streamlined & efficient giving you an edge over players who doesn’t use macros. Macros grant you advantages by;

  • Performing multiple actions at once by activating a single action button (mouse clicking or key binding) e.g. combining a spell and an on use trinket.
  • Reducing the number of spells on your bars e.g. combining an offensive cool down with a spell or combining several spells into one button through modifiers.
  • Increasing your throughput by using spells in a more timely & efficient manner.

However, macros do have limitations and misconceptions. Macros can’t make decisions for you and can’t automate your play. There are two main limitations of macros, i) they have a character limit of 255 characters, and ii) they can only execute one ability on the global cooldown (GCD) per press.

Today’s post looks at 4 macros that are extremely valuable to Feral Druids. There will be some links provided to WOW macro resources those interested in furthering their knowledge and usage of macros.

Macro Menu

The macro interface can be accessed through the in game menu or by typing /macro (or just /m) in your chat box. You can even make a macro that is just /macro to open the macro interface.

1. Tiger’s Fury & Berserk Macro
This macro is one that all Feral Druids should have regardless of their talent choices, professions or play style. This macro has four functions; i) it activates the two spells, Tiger’s Fury & Berserk at the same time for maximum damage throughput, rather than two separate presses, ii) combines the two spells together to reduce the number of spells on your bars, iii) has a modifier for an agility potion for burn phases and iv) will activate Tiger’s Fury every time it is pressed and is available. The #showtooltip on the first line will show the tool tip and cooldown for the first spell in the macro, Tiger’s Fury in this example.

 /use Tiger's Fury
 /use Berserk
 /use [mod:alt] Virmen's Bite

This macro can be further modified several different ways;

  • If you chose the Nature’s Vigil talent you can activate it in the macro by adding the line
    /use Nature's Vigil
  • If you have an on use trinket you can activate it in the macro by adding the line
    /use 13

    This will only work if you have your trinket in the top slot. Use 14 for the bottom slot.

  • If you are an Engineer you can activate your Synapse Springs by adding the line
    /use 10

    Each equipment slot has a number associated with it. By using the number instead of the name of the item, your macro will remain current and function correctly when reapply a tinker to new gear.

  • If you are a Troll Druid you can activate your Berserking racial by adding the line
    /use Berserking

Note: As of Patch 5.05 it is no longer possible to activate the engineering tinker Synapse Springs and an on-use trinket simultaneously. When both are macro’d together, which ever one appears first will be activated with the second incurring a 10 second cooldown. Having both macro’d together will activate the second one when the macro is pressed if the first on is on cooldown, however you wont be able to use them together. This is important to note because both the tier 14 and Patch 5.1 valour point trinkets, the Hawkmaster’s Talon and Arrowflight Medallion respectively, are on use trinkets. Massive thanks to The Training Dummies for clearing this issue up on episode 37.

Macro Equipment Slots

This screen shot shows the number of each slot for usage in macros. The Training Dummies has a great list of the equipment slots.

2. Wild Charge & Faerie Fire Macro
This macro has a similar purpose to the previous, combining two spells, Wild Charge & Faerie Fire, into one button. This macro works because Wild Charge does not trigger the GCD meaning that another spell that does trigger the GCD can be used simultaneously. Like the previous macro, you can activate this macro when you don’t need to use Wild Charge and it will use Faerie Fire. This is useful if you are responsible for maintaining the Weakened Armor debuff in your raid.

 /use Wild Charge
 /use Faerie Fire

Faerie Fire is an aggressive spell and using it against neutral targets will put you in combat. Using a modifier to only activate Wild Charge will stop you from entering combat against neutral targets or hostile targets while prowling.

/use Wild Charge 
/use Faerie Fire 
/use [mod:alt] Wild Charge

3. Heart of the Wild Weapon Swap Macro
All of a Druids tier 6, level 90 talents incorporate hybrid play. The Heart of the Wild talent has a passive 6% bonus to primary stats and an active ability that allows the Druid to completely change their combat role for 45 secs. Weapon swapping can drastically improve throughput but can be cumbersome to execute. Using macros streamlines the process by combing a weapon swap and spell activation into a single press. I asked on the Fluid Druid Forms if there was any advantage to the ordering of the weapon swap & spell activation, and Aggixx directed me to a post they made on the topic at the MMO Champion forums;

“Equipping an item causes a 1 second GCD but it can be used while in a GCD. If you hit your macro to shapeshift+weapon swap while you’re in a GCD it will equip the weapon first, refreshing your GCD first and locking you out of shifting into form for 1 second or so. Similarly if you have the equip line first it won’t let you shift in until a second after the weapon is equipped.”

Basically, you should have the weapon equip on the second line because it can be done during a GCD e.g. during the activation of Heart of the Wild resulting in more up time and less wasted GCD’s. Just insert the name of the weapon you want to switch to in the name of weapon space. Don’t forget to switch back to your regular weapon after Heart of the Wild is finished. Simply add a modifier to equip your previous weapon.

 /use Heart of the Wild
 /equip [nomod] name of weapon 
 /equip [mod:alt] name of previous weapon

4. No Un-shift Healing Touch Macro
This macro allows you to cast a Healing Touch when it is instant and stop you from un-shifting when it is not e.g. from a Predatory Swiftness proc, or after using Nature’s Swiftness. This macro is great for stopping you un-shifting when a double press occurs or if you are too slow to use a PS proc. The last thing you want is to shift into caster form and start casting a HT at inappropriate time. The tier 6, level 90 talent Dream of Cenarius, synchronizes extremely well with this macro as the talent requires Feral Druids to cast Healing Touch for a 25% damage bonus.

 /console autounshift 0
 /use Healing Touch
 /console autounshift 1

This macro isn’t just for DoC users, any Druid can use this macro. I’m not the original author of this macro, full credit goes to the talented people on the Fluid Druid Forums.

Macro Resources
As I mentioned earlier there are loads of WOW macro resources around the internet. In addition to the specific sites mentioned below, nearly every forum has a macro section or will help players who ask questions. It would be worth while to browse forums such as the Official Battle.net Forums, MMO Champion, Tankspot, Icy Veins, The Fluid Druid (Feral specific) and The Inconspicuous Bear (Guardian specific) just to name a few.

  • Macro WOW – Community orientated macro website where players submit their macros. Loads of categories and current as of Patch 5.1.
  • Shifting Perspectives Druid Column at WoW Insider – Alaron from the Fluid Druid is a contributing author to this Druid column. In October just after Mists of Pandaria released he wrote a post about useful macros for Feral Druids.
  • The Training Dummies – This podcast is obsessed with macros. On their show they have a “Macro of the week” segment and their website has an extensive macro library & some macro guides. The hosts will happily answer any macro questions and help any players with macro issues.
  • Macro Explain – This website interprets macro syntax (the language used to write macros) explaining what the macro is doing and finds errors. Great for troubleshooting when writing new macros.

Closing Thoughts
The macros listed here aren’t intended to be the “be all and end all” of Feral Druid macros. They are some that I feel are important, relevant and will greatly improve your play. Depending on your specialization, play style and role, different types of macros may appeal to you over others e.g. mouse over macros vs conventional macros. There are loads of different websites, blog and articles dedicated to macros. Just remember when looking at these different resources to think about the age of the source. Macro syntax and spells both change over time & from patch to patch. A macro that worked during Cataclysm may not work now.

Do you use macros? If so what kind and for what purpose? Are there any important Druid macros that I have forgotten to mention? Please feel free to share your experiences. You can leave a comment on the post, send me an email at fileunderferal@gmail.com, follow me on twitter @Elamari_ or you can like and / or leave a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FileUnderFeral.

<Naenae> Proudmoore, US


13 thoughts on “4 Valuable Feral Druid Macros

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  2. Another good macro is
    #Showtooltip Cat form
    /Cast !cat form

    ^Will stop you from accidently going out of form and if you are rooted and press your key bind for this it does an instant morn in and out of cat with no GCD you don’t even see it happen and your free of the root

    • Good macro. That is one of my pet hates. Especially when you are rooted and you press a bind to go from say cat to bear and you get caught in between in your caster form. That really annoys me. I don’t even understand the logic. Bear -> is 1 gcd but you often get caught in caster form. So there might be some underlying code that says – cancel form -> cast new form. Still annoying >_<

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  4. Love the first macro. I know that this is old, but very helpful. One thing:

    You need to change the /use to /cast as of 5.4.7 in the macro for the spells..

    /cast Tiger’s Fury
    /cast Berserk
    /cast Nature’s Vigil

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I just tested the macro in game and was working as intended with the /use in the syntax. This is what I just tried

      /use Tiger’s Fury
      /use Berserk
      /use Nature’s Vigil
      /use 10

      The only reason I use /use over /cast is that it is one less character. Sometimes the limit is constriction and little shortcuts like this can make a difference.


  5. #showtooltip Berserk
    /cast Tiger’s Fury
    /cast Berserk
    /cast Nature’s Vigil
    /cast Incarnation: King of the Jungle
    this is insane, i was messing about. althought i wish there was a macro on a common attack to refresh savage roar.

    • Thanks for the comment.
      I copied the macro you linked and I can’t get Tiger’s Fury to activate. After looking at the syntax for a long time I noticed that the apostrophe looked a bit odd. I re-typed it in (as I had just copied it from here originally) and it worked fine. The same with the apostrophe in Nature’s Vigil.

      Also, you don’t have to have the “:king of the jungle” on the end of Incarnation for it to work. Helps save on character space. Not sure if you are aware or not, but Incarnation isn’t affected by the Assurance of Consequence trinket from SoO. Normally both Berserk and Incarnation are on a 3 min CD and can be used together. If you have this trinket, it will desync them.

  6. I use a macro to reduce a bit of button bloat, now that I do more PVP than PVE…

    Actually it’s two macro’s and my rational is to use the Stampede proc as often as possible when in my PVP set. What that is, is when you have at least 4 of your head, shoulders, chest, legs and gloves, every so many seconds you get a proc that causes your next Ravage! to be used without positional or stealth requirements.

    So I created two macros, which replace Mangle and Shred on my bar.

    I’m doing this from memory, I can’t log in at the moment (at work)

    #showtooltip Mangle
    /cast Ravage!
    /cast Mangle

    #showtooltip Shred
    /cast Ravage!
    /cast Shred

    How this works is, if Ravage cannot be cast due to the pre-requisites of stealth and behind the target, or with stampede, it is ignored, and the second spell is cast.

    If ravage can be cast, it casts it, and will be unable to cast the second spell, I believe because of the GCD

    I chose to do this, because of the way I play. I use bartender, and mostly my keyboard to cast spells. So buttons 1-4, shift + 1-4 and ctrl + 1-4 for my main stuff. By doing this, I was able to free up a spot for Maim

    Actually, in truth, my implementation is a little different. I mistook macro options as more of a universal predicate (I assumed I could name an aura and it would detect it). So mine actually looks more like this:

    #showtooltip Mangle
    /cast [Stampede] Ravage!
    /cast [!Stampede] Mangle

    It functions as advertised, sometimes I get messages that say !Stampede is not a valid macro option, but I’ve never actually gotten around to fixing it… =) I assume it would work the same way as I posted above.. and if not, maybe it’s a helpful little bug. Even with the error messages I infrequently get, it always fires as expected.

    I suspect I will drop this when mangle is removed next expansion..

    • Oh, and I was unable to make it work with all 3, I couldn’t make it properly articulate mangle or shred , I did in fact try a
      /cast Ravage!
      /cast Shred
      /cast Mangle

      No success… lol

    • Macro’s can be tricky to work out sometimes, but yeah they are great at saving bar space. It will be interesting with Warlords is released I remember reading something about updates to macros – either more slots or more functionality. Should be good. Cheers.

      • That’s great news to hear! I mean hopefully not to the point where programmer types like myself can automate everything.. but simple things like more characters allowed, to allow statefull buttons, you know, you might use one ability in a pug, and another solo (a good example is mangle, not many times soloing where shred is much of an option)

        I feel like more customization might have been a better solution than removing spells actually. Even if not in a scripting sense, but just better options when dropping spells in place. Bartender handles this to a great extend, but being able to have shape shift aware slots.. that would be great!

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