Updates and notices

In the aim of bringing you the most up to date and reliable content I have some updates to some of my previous posts and notices which are still relevant and I would like to draw your attention to.

There were two to Symbiosis changes with Patch 5.2. First the cooldown on Dispersion has been increased to 3 minutes up from 2 minutes. Even with the change, Dispersion is still the best defensive cooldown gained from Symbiosis. The other being from Paladins granting Divine Shield. Secondly Shattering Blow now has a cast time to align correctly with the Warrior version of this ability. Moving while casting cancels the spell and if you cast it during Heroism / Bloodlust (which is the best time to cast it) be careful of energy capping. While it is still the best damage cooldown its usage will be more situational with the new cast time and during high movement encounters. These changes have been added to my Symbiosis post.

Movement Speed Increases
The Feral 4 piece PVP set bonus no longer stacks with the Feline Swiftness talent. The PVP set bonus was left out of my How fast are you going post as I never tested it in game but now we know. I still need to test it with other movement speed increases, but I will save it for a later date as PVP gear isn’t very relevant to PVE content.

As of Patch 5.05 it is no longer possible to activate the engineering tinker Synapse Springs and an on-use trinket simultaneously. When both are macro’d together, which ever one appears first will be activated with the second incurring a 10 second cooldown. Having both macro’d together will activate the second one when the macro is pressed if the first on is on cooldown. However you wont be able to use them together. This is important to note because both the tier 14 and Patch 5.1 valor point trinkets, the Hawkmaster’s Talon and Arrowflight Medallion respectively, are on use trinkets. Massive thanks to The Training Dummies for clearing this issue up on episode 37. This note has been included in the macros post.

Unfortunately my guild has had no luck in recruiting a tank. Over the last three weeks we have been able to clear Jin rokh successfully and work on Heart of Fear progression with pug tanks. Our progression into the Throne of Thunder is being severely hampered from not having a reliable second tank. If you are interested or know anyone who may be please contact me. You can find the full details about raid times, loot rules, expectations etc… in the recruitment post.

Feedback is critically important. If you find that some information on the blog is inaccurate or not current, please let me know. One of my goals, as I mentioned at the top of the post, is to bring readers the most up to date and reliable information available. With your help I can keep achieve my goal. If you wish to contact me you can leave a comment on the post, send me an email at fileunderferal@gmail.com, follow me on twitter @Elamari_ or you can like and / or leave a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FileUnderFeral.

<Naenae> Proudmoore, US


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