Cat Nap #3 – Waffle bites with Jarre

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of content as of late, I’ve had a busy schedule. However it appears that I am not the only one. There hasn’t been much content from anyone over the last month.

Just letting Druids out there that a fellow blogged named Jarre from Rank 4 Healing Touch was recently featured in a Team Waffle Cast, mini cast called Waffle bites. Jarre and Arielle have a small discussion on resto specific changes coming in patch 5.4 (Sorry Ferals). They also cover items, talents, spec changes, glyphs, and more! The audio can be found here: Jarre also has some extra comments in this blog post of theirs. Check it out, it is interesting.

Hope you are feeling refreshed after our cat nap.



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