File Under Feral is 1 year old and wants your feedback

It has been just over a year since I started this blog. I have enjoyed writing it, researching topics, expressing my views and passing on my knowledge. Now I would like to know what you, my audience, thinks. What do you find interesting. What would you like to read more of? I have created this small survey of questions to find out what people are thinking. It would be great if everyone and anyone could take the time (5-10mins) to answer these few questions.

Disclaimer – I am not collecting any personal information or sharing this information with another party. This is for my own personal use so I can create content that is accessible, interesting and relevant. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

Thank you for taking the time to complete my survey. Now that I have more free time I have several blog ideas that I want to get onto paper and share with you all. As always, if you have any questions, comments, feedback, advice, concerns or queries, please feel free to contact me either by leaving a comment on the post, sending me an email at, Tweeting me on twitter @Elamari_ or commenting on the File Under Feral Facebook page



3 thoughts on “File Under Feral is 1 year old and wants your feedback

  1. Is it my imagination or did you just transfer from Proudmoore to Frostmourne? So many people seem to do that nowdays for the higher population and progression but I really think Proudmoore people behave a lot better. I guess it depends on whether you consider that important.

    I notice you use DOC but have you tried FoN? I tried it recently and its quite fun teamed with Rune procs. I wrote a bit about it on the Fluid Druid FoN Weak Auras thread.

    • Hey thanks for the comment.
      I was on Proudmoore and transferred Frostmourne a few months back when blizz offered the cheap transfers. Have we run into each other before? The problem we had was that it was difficult to find pugs at our raid time – We are Australian and its a US server, even though there is a quite a few Aussies. Frostmourne is good. So much more activity in trade and surprisingly little PVP for a PVP server.

      Yeah I use DoC, mainly because I feel most comfortable with it. I haven’t tried FoN as of yet. I know that it’s currently a slight gain over SotF. I need to catch up on the Fluid Druid, because of all of the uni work I’ve had on lately, I’ve fallen behind. However I’ve just finished and now can start catching up and writing more blogs.

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