Cat Nap #5 – Final Boss #20 – Stenhaldi & Tinderhoof: Feral Druid

A new podcast / video cast has recently started up with a focus on Warcraft end game raiding named Final Boss. In this weeks show they are discussing Feral Druids with special guests Tinderhoof of <Last Word> and Stenhaldi of <Midwinter>. I encourage all of you to check it out, its a very in-depth and comprehensive show. Here is the link to their video show on youtube, however you can download the voice only from itunes. All of Tinderhoof’s and Stenhaldi’s contact details can be found in the youtube doobly doo.

Final Boss #20 – Stenhaldi & Tinderhoof: Feral Druid

I sent in a few questions for them to answer, but to hear their responses you will need to wait right until the end during the post show. Here are the questions I sent in. Only the first questions was answered in the main show, the others were answered in the post show which can be found here or in the comments of this post.

1. Do you think that button bloat is affecting Ferals? e.g. Shred / Mangle do the same thing, can be confusing for a new player. Innervate is useless and Soothe sees very little play.

2. Soothe – What are your thoughts on this spell? Do you think it is useful & what do you like the way enrage effects have been used this expansion. What do you think is the future of the spell and enrage effects in general?

3. Are there any talents, glyphs etc… that you would like to see become baseline for Feral? e.g. Glyphs of Savage Roar, Cat Form, Stampeding Roar (aoe spell but need to glyph for larger range… ????). May reduce the number of “mandatory” glyphs, already have limited options as a Druid because we have 4 specs.

4. What changes (if any) would you like to see with Symbiosis? Would you prefer the spell to be utility focused, throughput focused or a mix of both? How do you feel about some combos being preferred for raid throughput over personal choice e.g. Shattering Throw. Death Coil was good conceptually for a ranged option but not practical due to high energy cost, no CP generation and not effected by Berserk.

5. What design changes do you think we could see in Warlords given the removal of dot snap-shotting (speculative). Could we expect a redesign of the class, possibly moving our damage away from dots to more direct damage?

6. Ferocious Bite? Good, bad, unnecessary? What is its future?

7. Do you have a wish list for Warlords, anything you would like to see changed, expanded upon or something new?

Hope you are feeling refreshed after our cat nap.



4 thoughts on “Cat Nap #5 – Final Boss #20 – Stenhaldi & Tinderhoof: Feral Druid

  1. Do you know when they are going to publish their aftershow? I also submitted a question so I am curious to know if they answered it.

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