Druids of the Beast – Guest blog by all Druid guild, guild leader Monsterbaby

I go by the fabulous name Monsterbaby. I am founder and leader of the Druid only guild Druids of the Beast Shadowsong [EU] Alliance. My guild has been featured in various articles, podcasts and been spotlighted over the years. Here is my story of how it began, who is behind my character, where it is at and how I managed the guild over the years. I started playing WOW in 2005. but jumped a bit from one character to another for the first two months, until I finally settled for this particular Druid, with quite specific looks.

I came home drunk from a party and I had created my Druid as Horde on the server Vashj. A hideous, albino white Tauren, with cut off horns. The guild was founded the following day in August 2005, as when I had logged on to the character after the night out, I had a guild charter with the guild which yet had to be filled out. As some say, drunk ideas are the best when they’re taken into reality.

Yep, that's my cow.

Yep, that’s my cow.

A bit of background
Previously I have had leadership experience in a successful Warcraft III clan. Despite my young age at the time, I had no problems establishing and leading a guild. The fun part is now that I am 8 years older, I keep finding myself with high responsibilities and leading roles in reality. Currently I am finishing up university, where I am managing and working a CG-Film production.

Video games and Warcraft especially, had a huge impact on my childhood. I always knew I wanted to work on games, but I was not sure where to start. In 2007 I began studying something in the lines of Computer Engineering and Human Computer interaction. After two years I realized, I’d rather do art. So my quest to become a game-artist began.

Pandaren Outhouse

Some Warcraft inspired art I have created.

It has been tough both having time to study and practice as well as leading a guild. Many wonder whether being a Guild Master is good or not? Does it come with perks? First off, it comes with a lot of work. The perks of being a Guild Master are not about getting gear, or being a sole ruler, choosing everything, where to go, who gets what etc… The perks of being a Guild Master are about what I learn, and I have learned a lot. It has helped me grow in confidence and motivate people who are even twice my own age. I have grown stronger as a person, but also over the years the guild has become solid.

Progression in ICC in the early days as Alliance

Progression in ICC in the early days as Alliance

We mainly fooled around in the world, doing World PVP or raiding Alliance bases. Everyone no matter their level were involved in our raids. We did a lot of things together when possible. It was not until late Vanilla we began PVE raiding as a guild. Before that time, individuals, such as myself have raided content together with other guilds. So for a while we were mercenary Druids with good gear who joined other raid teams.

Druid PVP in Warsong Gulch.

Druid PVP in Warsong Gulch.

We were in Zul’Gurub a couple of times, but our progressed the peaked in AQ20. The arrival of The Burning Crusade suited the guild a lot better. The Druid class was more specialized in different talents, and the raids were smaller. Our popularity rose quite quickly during this time.

In Wrath of the Lich King due to terrible server attitude, I decided to re-create the guild on Shadowsong, but this time as Alliance. The guild was completely unknown at the server, however within a month we were big and strong enough to clear the first wings in Icecrown Citadel. Moving to Shadowsong as Alliance, was the toughest but best decision I ever made in Warcraft. The server was very open to the idea of a Druid guild, and after we started raiding we quickly got a lot of members migrating to join us.

Druid dance parade in Shattrath City.

Druid dance parade in Shattrath City.

The all time challenge in the guild is finding people, dedicated enough to raid as only Druids. The raiding itself is not a problem once we have people dedicated and strong enough for raiding. Most of our recruits are cross-realm and migrated to join the guild, as currently we have depleted the server for new recruits.

During raiding It is rare we encounter specific bosses or parts of raids we find really difficult with only Druids. Our damage capability is obviously not as good as it could be, with missing buffs. However recently with the reintroduction of Drums, it helps a lot. The only bosses we have had problems on, are bosses where certain mechanics are necessary, such as removing diseases. Besides that, we roam through the content, with a bunch of fluffy Druids.

Siege of Ogrimmar.

Siege of Ogrimmar.

We try to be the first to clear content as a single class. Sometimes we are, sometimes not. Recently we have a lot of competition with a group of hardcore Death Knights, who do 25man content, with only Death Knights. They are yet not in the same guild, but it is interesting to see their progression.

In every expansion we have been raiding, mainly 10 man content. Karazhan was the first raid perfect for our guild and later on both in Wrath of the Lich King and in Cataclysm we have been progressing in same speed as casual raiding guilds. We managed to kill Deathwing before the end of Cataclysm, and progress into every Cataclysm raid. In Pandaria it has been tougher, but in the last half a year it has been easier and we find Siege of Ogrimmar to be easier to handle with only Druids, than Throne of Thunder, which has been very dependent on many abilities, such as removing diseases, strict enrage timers and so on.

Death to Deathwing.

Death to Deathwing.

Now, for the question that is probably building up right now. What about loot? The guild is more than 8 years now we have never had any loot issues what so ever. Loot is handed out, by a roll for the ones who need it for their main spec. Sometimes it is difficult handing out the loot as no one wants it, despite half the raid can use it. Simply put, the people joining the guild don’t care about loot, and when good loot drops, people are talking about who will get it.

Great Atmosphere
The guild overall is very laid back, especially now, after we moved to Shadowsong. We have no age requirements, yet most of our members are around age 28-35. It is interesting to see, what kind of people join certain guilds. The atmosphere in the guild is great, and I believe one reason for that is, being a very specific guild appeals to a few. The few we do get, tend to stay, and stay by the guild for years.

I am unsure whether it is the only Druid spirit that creates this laid back atmosphere, but it is for certain it as always been great and the ones choosing to join the guild fit. Over the years the guild has been featured in magazines, articles, podcasts, and gotten official features from Blizzard, both on their official page as well as their Facebook. Many of our videos have gotten features and been part of spotlights. Unfortunately, as I am extremely busy it has been a good while since last time I published a video. I have hours of footage, yet to be edited and made into a film, but now with university in mind – I simply don’t have the time.

Guild Party.

Guild Party.

For the future we hope to strengthen our raiding team and increase the size of the team with the new flex-limit. Our guild will stay same with room for both raiders and casuals and hopefully we will see more new faces for the next expansion, especially with the extra level 90 we receive in Warlords of Draenor. If you are interested please feel free to contact me.

Website: www.druidsofthebeast.guildlaunch.com
Twitter: @druidmonster @thedruidguild
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/druidsofthebeast


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