Feral Druid Guide to Farming Bloody Coins

The end of expansion doldrums are fast approaching. One of the goals on my bucket list is to collect 200 mounts before the end of the expansion. The first one I tackled was collecting 500 Bloody Coins for the Ashhide Mushan Beast mount. My logic being that it is going to be easiest while the content is current. I can’t image many people hanging out on the Timeless Isle once Warlords of Draenor arrives. I live tweeted my final 10 coins a few weeks back when I earned the achievement. Today’s post is a bit of a guide as to how I went about collecting the Bloody Coins.

Censer tool tip

Are you prepared for the grind? Make yourself familiar with this bad boy. [Image modified from WoW Head]

Who, What, Where, When, How & Why?
Bloody Coins are a currency obtained from defeating players in world PVP on the Timeless Isle while under the effect of the Censer of Eternal Agony. The censer is purchased from the NPC Speaker Gulan found east of the Blazing Way (75, 45) on the Timeless Isle. This NPC is also sells the mount which costs 500 Bloody Coins.

Using the censor does a number of things;

  1. Using the censer consumes 90% of your maximum health, which will kill you if you are not at or close to full health. Make sure your health is topped off before activating the censer.
  2. Once you have activated the censer you become hostile to both factions, Horde & Alliance including flight masters and Celestial Court guards. However you are friendly towards other players under the effects of the censor. It essentially creates a third faction.
  3. Using the censer activates its 10 minute cooldown. Meaning if you use the censer and are not at full health as I stated above and you die from it, you will have to wait for the cooldown to reset.
  4. While under the effects of the censor you will not be able to benefit from a majority of the buffs on the Timeless Isle. Buffs from the Time-Lost Shrine will be removed from you if you have them when you activate the censer and if you click a shrine while using the censer. Buffs gained from using the items Dew of Eternal Morning, Singing Crystal & Book of Ages will also be removed when using the censer. However, the Timeless Nutriment 5% to all stats buff gained from various food items on the Isle still works.
  5. Killing players not at level 90 will not yield a coin. This isn’t stated on the censer tool tip but remember this. I encountered quite a few sub 90’s on the Isle searching for chests and killing rares.
  6. Players that have been defeated by another player with the censer receive the debuff Sacrificed to Ordos and defeating them will not reward a Bloody Coin. The debuff lasts 10 minutes.
bloody coins debuff

This is the icon and tool tip for players who have already been defeated by a player with a censer. Make sure you can easily identify this in your UI. [Image modified from WoW Head]

Tier 1 – Wild Charge is really great as a gap closer and I probably should have used this talent more than I did. For most of the grind I went with Feline Swiftness for the passive speed boost. This was great for escaping, which I did a lot of. Displacer Beast may also be good as an escape tool but I never tried it. This tier choice is up to your personal preference and play style.

Tier 2 – I found Ysera’s Gift to be the most useful. It works while fleeing, helps with healing back up after using the censer and doesn’t require a keybind or active management. But again it is ultimately up to your personal preference and play style.

Tier 3 – I default to Typhoon in this tier. Faerie Swarm could be used as a snare but I never tried it. Would definitely be worth investigating. I found Typhoon was too good of a defensive cooldown to pass up. Great for knocking people off cliffs and putting some distance between you and an enemy, especially when combined with Dash or Stampeding Roar. Any of these talents would be fine.

Tier 4 – In PVE content I stick with Soul of the Forest, but it is common for Incarnation to be used for PVP, which is what farming these coins basically is. Force of Nature, in addition to being a throughput talent, it has the added bonus of stoping players from getting away. The summoned Treant’s cast Entangling Root which is extremely useful for catching blinking Mages or rolling Monks. Highly recommended.

Tier 5 – Much like Tier 3 this mostly personal preference. Ursol’s Vortex is probably the best talent as I finding that Mighty Bash was affected by diminishing returns with Pounce. Ursol’s Vortex is good offensively and defensively.

Tier 6 – Heart of the Wild and Dream of Cenarius are very close in throughput terms. Nature’s Vigil may provide some burst, albeit a small amount but I stuck with Dream of Cenarius for the healing bonus. There are some players that hit really hard and having that extra 20% healing I felt made a big difference.

For most of my coin collecting I stuck with the dynamic duo of Glyph of Savagery and Glyph of Cat Form. For my third slot I swapped in Glyph of Pounce. Before using this glyph I found it incredible difficult to catch people with Pounce, they were moving too fast. This glyph helped me out a lot getting in range of people that I previously couldn’t.
While I was on the Isle I ran into another Feral Druid also farming coins and they suggested the Glyph of Prowl which removes the movement penalty of Prowl. To my surprise I found that I was moving faster while stealthed than when not stealthed and helped as much as the Glyph of Pounce with catching players. I really wanted to run both the Prowl and Pounce glyphs but couldn’t bring myself to give up Cat Form or Savagery. My advice is play around. In this situation there are several interesting choices to make, each with their pros and cons. Go with what gets you the best results.

bloody coin talents

My typical Bloody Coin talent and glyph set up. [Image modified from WoW Head]

Now that you are set up, it’s time to start farming!

Selecting your targets
If are looking for the most efficient path your mount then you need to forsake all honor. Being able to pick targets that will grant you the easiest and fastest kill is critical. For this I had several considerations when choosing targets;

  • Look for players without the debuff.
    As I mentioned above, defeating players with the debuff will not reward a Bloody Coin. You need to be able to distinguish those players with the debuff from those without.
  • Look at players health pools.
    A players health pool will give you a rough indication of how geared and how much of a fight they will put up. It is not hard and fast as there are some skilled players out there but it is an alright guide. Players with 200 – 400k HP tend to be fairly new 90’s, out looking for some free epics. Players with 400 – 500k HP tend to be Siege of Orgimmar LFR & Flex raid geared. Players with 500 – 650k HP tend to be normal  Siege of Orgimmar geared. Players with 650k HP plus tend to start having some heroic gear. Generally I steered clear of people with 600k HP or more, but my decision also depended on other factors I will outline below. But check their health before you pounce them or you might end up battling with a 1 million HP Warlock you wish you hadn’t.
  • Look for players who are AFK.
    These are by far the quickest and easiest kills. People go AFK all over the place. I found people on mounts, off mounts, camping rare spawns and just in the middle of no where. Some good places to look for AFK people are graveyards. The graveyards in Old Pi’jui and Whispershade Hollow had quite a few people AFK. But be prepared, because players to rez from graveyards…
  • Look for players mining, herbing & interacting with NPC’s.
    These are next on the list. You will nearly always get them by surprise and it’s common for these characters to be alts. These players spend a fair bit of time in the valley with all of the caves such as Kukuru’s Grotto (the cave with all of the chests in it), the cave that caves in with the rare spawn Spelurk, and the Whispershade Hollow graveyard where the daily trivia quest is.
  • Look for players with mobs attacking them.
    It’s not uncommon for players who are farming reputation or completing dailies to round up several mobs at once and AOE them down. This leaves them vulnerable to attack. You may not even have to do much damage to them. A well timed stun or snare may be enough to inflict significant damage. This is a cheap strategy but efficient for coin farming. BUT remember that in order to receive a Bloody Coin you need to score the killing blow.
  • Look for players on their own.
    The last thing you want is to find a player with 450k HP mining some ore, decided to Pounce them only to be swamped and smashed by 4 of their mates. Pay attention to your surroundings. Remember the censer has a 10 minute cooldown, you don’t have to have to spend too much time waiting for it to come off cooldown.

Plan Your Escape Route
There will come a time where you have bitten off more than you could chew and it’s time to hightail it out of there. If you are down in the valley I mentioned above there are these red crystals called Charged Crystals. These crystals provide the Timeless Nutriment 5% to all stats buff and also gives a powerful 6 second buff that heals you for 10 % of your maximum health every 2 seconds, and 10 % of your resources every 2 seconds. When I need to escape I make a V-line straight to these crystals which have saved my bacon countless times. You can click multiple crystals but the buff doesn’t stack. The new one overwrites the old.

If you find yourself backed into a corner try heading for some water. As a Druid we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves to help with water escapes – Aquatic Form & Glyph of Aquatic Form. Just on its own Aquaitic Form brings our underwater speed up from 73% to 101%. This can be further increased to 135% with the glyph. This makes it very hard for most people to catch us once we get into water. However there are some items that increase swim speed which can cause a hassle if players have them.

bloody coins farming route labelled

I did most of my coin farming in the valley with the red Charged Crystals as indicated by the red line. The yellow dots are Charged Crystal Spawn points. [Image modified from WoW Head]

Not All Classes Are Created Equal
Another factor that helps determine your targets is class. I found some classes easier to tackle than others. Generally speaking I avoided Mages all together. They have the ability to kite me too easily. Windwalker Monk’s tended to give me a bit of trouble too with their really high damage output. Warriors’ were probably 50 / 50. Sometimes I was able to dominate them and others I didn’t make a scratch. Warrior’s also have extremely high mobility which made escaping from them difficult. Remember to use Nature’s Grasp. Hunters were around 70 / 30. More often than not they were cannon fodder but on occasion I’d find one that could burst me down or kite me around their frost trap. Being able to move and dps without any penalty is a great class perk. Rogue’s were usually easy IF I got the jump on them first. If they got me first my survival rate was fairly low.

Death Knights were perhaps the most annoying for two reasons. First is the Purgatory talent which is allows them to live past a killing blow through a healing shield that kills them if it is still active (it is removed by receiving healing). If a Death Knight dies to Purgatory you don’t receive a Bloody Coin because you didn’t administer the killing blow. Secondly their diseases last a long time making it difficult to go stealth, exposing you to other players even after their death. Don’t worry about the damage, the diseases don’t tick for very much, worry about being exposed.

This is the icon and tool tip for the Purgatory ability. Make sure you can clearly see this on your UI.

This is the icon and tool tip for the Purgatory ability. Make sure you can clearly see this on your UI. [Image modifed from WoW Head]

General Advice
This is one hell of a grind so be prepared to put the time in. To help avoid burn out set some small goals daily or every couple of days. I started out aiming for 25 coins a day. This was not realistic as there are good nights and bad nights. I didn’t have time every night. Some nights were frustrating and others were relaxing. The population of the Isle will fluctuate depending on time of day and day of the week. Consistency is the key. I found that I would spend and hour or two at night before logging off farming coins. This consistency was what I found the best for me. But it may not be the best time for everyone.

When you are about to use the censor, make sure you concealed in a bush or behind a rock or some place obscure. I was killed many times just after my censer was used and I was on low health. What I liked to do was use my censor behind a Charged Crystal. That way I was semi concealed and had access to powerful healing when on low health. Coupled with a quick Rejuv and Ysera’s Gift, I was back to full health in just a few seconds.

You are going to get whispers from angry people insulting you, asking why, people spitting on you or even getting called out in general chat. You need some really thick skin because some people can say some nasty things. I found the best approach was to reply with something honest explaining why you are doing it and that you are not intentionally causing the other player grief e.g.
“I’m just farming coins for the mount. I only have X number to go. I’m not ganking or harassing. Sorry you feel that way“.
Most people understand and some even let you kill them again when their debuff wears off. But not everyone is understanding. The best way to deal with them too just ignore them and move on. You don’t want to waste time arguing with trolls or butt hurt people on the internet when you could be farming more coins.

Steer clear of the Celestrial Court. Sometimes you can be really focused on chasing down that Mage or Hunter that keeps managing to get away from you only to discover you have been kited to the Celestrial Court where the guards will come and attempt to end you. Be aware of you surroundings. You may be to let go of a few kills in order to survive. And these guards can see through stealth so keep your distance when Prowling around.

Grouping up I found to be a bit hit and miss. Coins are only granted to the player who deals the killing blow. You may farm with a group and defeat loads of players, receive loads of Honor Points but very few Bloody Coins. I found it best to go solo. Try it out and make your own decision.

Lastly avoid highly populated areas. These are areas vary depending on time of day, day of the week and rare spawns. The area just south of the Blazing Way where the rare dragon Huolon spawns is a nightmare. There are always players there and best to avoid it. It is also common for other coin farmers to camp the entrances to the major bridges. You could try teaming up with them but remember, only the player who scored the killing blow gets the coin.

Keep at it long enough and you will have a fairly unique mount.

Screen shot of Mount

There are currently only 3 mounts that share the Mushan Beast model. This mount, the Brawler’s Guild Mount, and a rare drop from the world boss Galleon.

Have you tried farming Bloody Coins? Got any tips you want to share? Feel free to leave a comment on the post, send me an email at fileunderferal@gmail.com, follow me on twitter @Elamari_ or like and comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FileUnderFeral.



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