Brawler’s Guild Ranks 8 & 9

Patch 5.3 changed the existing structure of the Brawler’s Guild by removing the old rank 8 bosses to their own rank and adding two additional ranks. There is a comprehensive guide written by kaiadam on the Fluid Druid Forums for ranks one through to the old rank 8. However there isn’t a guide for the new rank 8 and rank 9. Today’s post I will aim to offer some insight, hints and tips into these ranks. WoW Head has a good summary of each bosses abilities that is worth reading. I won’t be explicitly explaining all boss mechanics here.

Before we start there are a few house keeping things to point out. All flasks and food work in the Brawler’s Guild. You can purchase potions from the quartermaster cheaply. However these potions only work in the Brawler’s Guild. Both the legendary meta gem and cape work in here. Finally the Drums of Rage, which provide you with a slightly less powerful Heroism work in here BUT using the drums will take you out of Cat Form. I did these bosses with around 550 ilevel gear. There were only a few I had dps problems with. These bosses were defeated by people in Throne of Thunder gear.

Drums of Rage.

These Heroism drums were added in Patch 5.3. They only grant 25% haste so are slightly weaker than a proper Heroism which grants 30%.


Talents – Soul of the Forest, Heart of the Wild
Glyphs – Glyph of Savagery
Tips – Focus on the boss model not your own model to navigate the maze and don’t use Rune of Re-origination

I had trouble navigating the maze because the Cat Form model moves slower than a human form model. Other players also had this problem and were sometimes able to address it by using items that changed your model or shrunk it in size. After man attempts I found it easier to focus on Hexos’ model and make sure it was going through the maze instead of my own model.


You can see in this screen shot that my Cat Form model is sideways but Hexos is facing the opening in the maze. By doing this you will always make it through.

The second problem I had was doing the rotation. The Feral rotation is complex and requires a lot of focus. Navigating the maze and performing the rotation simultaneously was too hard if not impossible. To address this I created a /castsequence macro. This kind of macro allows you to perform many abilities in a row by only pressing one button. This allowed me to focus on the maze while still putting out enough dps. The macro is designed to work the passive talents Heart of the Wild and Soul of the Forest. I initially tried to run with DoC but ran out of macro space because of all “Healing Touch” text I had to include. The macro doesn’t include Berserk which you will have to activate manually. I wasn’t able to figure out the syntax to include Synapse Springs activation as it normally requires a “/use 10“. If someone can, please let me know.

/castsequence Faerie Fire, rake, mangle, tiger's fury, rake, mangle, 
rip, mangle, mangle, savage roar, Faerie Fire, rake, mangle, mangle, 
mangle, Ferocious Bite, mangle, rake, mangle, mangle, rip, mangle, 
mangle, mangle, savage roar

Because your rotation is being driven by a macro you wont be able to take advantage of procs which makes Rune of Re-origination useless. Swap it out for a different trinket.

Tyson Sanders
Talents – Personal Preference
Glyphs – Personal Preference
Tips – Focus and burn

After Hexos this guy is a walk in the park. Simply focus and burn. The summoned chicken adds did a little damage, easy mitigated with Barkskin or Survival Instincts. Don’t be afraid to use your defensive cool downs.

T440 Dual-Mode Robot
Talents – Heart of the Wild
Glyphs – Personal Preference
Tips – Bring a high item level spell power weapon for HotW weapon swap

This boss gains a buff the longer he stays in an attack phase. The idea is that you should be switching between melee attacks and range attacks to stop the buff stacking up too high. In preparation for this I switched to HotW and made a macro to cancel form, activate HotW. If you have an equivalent ilevel spell power weapon, you can add that to the macro.

/cast heart of the wild

However in practice I managed to dps it down staying in melee range. The incoming damage did get high towards the end. I used Barkskin at 10 stacks, Survival Instincts at 15 stacks. I probably could have stayed with Dream of Cenarius.

Talents – Personal Preference
Glyphs – Personal Preference
Tips – Keep your bleeds up and the water jet shoots from out from behind you

Get your dots rolling at the start then kill your first water elemental. Remember that the water jet shoots out from BEHIND you. Then potion plus Berserk. Then kill your second water elemental and finish it off. Fairly easy but it may take you a few attempts to get your aiming correct.


Big Badda Boom
Talents – Renewal, Typhoon, Dream of Cenarius (healing bonus)
Glyphs – Glyph of Cat Form
Tips – Balance your AOE and single target dps

This boss took a few attempts to balance the AOE and single target dps without dying. Start off single target. Then use a a Thrash, spread some Rakes and single target. When you get down to the second last lot of the little ones, blow Barkskin, Survival Instincts, Berserk and AOE them down. I found Typhoon was good to get some space. Heal as necessary. DoC is worth using for its healing bonus.

Talents – NOT Feline Swiftness,
Glyphs – Personal Preference
Tips – Remove all movement speed increases from your character and gear

Kite this boss around the room. I started following the outside of the room and move in each lap. The problem I had was that even walking backwards, I was moving faster than the boss and was out of attack range causing me to stop frequently to attack. I ended up removing all movement speed increases, swapping out Feline Swiftness and re-enchanting my boots. After this I was moving at the perfect speed. If you have trouble seeing the poison on the ground, make sure Projected Textures is on and try turning up the Particle Density in your graphics settings.

Nibbleh video settings compare.

You can clearly see the difference between settings turned down (on the left) and settings turned up (on the right). Adjusting your settings may help to see where the poison trail is.

Video Settings

Projected Textures and Particle Density are the two video settings that can be adjusted. These settings are accessed by going to the Game Menu > System > Graphics.

Doctor Fist
Talents – Personal Preference
Glyphs – Personal Preference
Tips – staying alive > dps

This boss is similar to the Will of the Emperor encounter in Mogu’shan Vaults. The boss does very obvious, telegraphed attacks. Simply move out of the way and dps down. I don’t actually have any notes for this guy so I think it was most likely a very easy encounter.

Talents – Heart of the Wild is probably easier to manage than DoC
Glyphs – Personal Preference
Tips – Try popping two angels at once to give more dps time in phase 2

This was by far the most time consuming boss. It wasn’t so much as it was difficult as it was subject to a lot of randomness with all of the moving light orbs. There isn’t a regular
pattern accept at times, orbs will form a circle around Ahoo’ru and close in on him and then move out. This happens periodically but I don’t know the timing for it.

At first I was killing the angles 1 by 1, but when I got to phase 2 I didn’t have enough dps to meet the enrage. I had to kill multiple angles at once. I also started using the Drums of Rage during the transition plus a potion, plus Berserk to help with beat the enrage timer.

Interrupt his heal, run out of the orbs and dps him down. The damage stacks up as his HP drops so keep an eye on your HP and use Barkskin or Survival Instincts as needed. It’s best to be cautious as you don’t want to what happened to me happen to you, defeat the boss but die in the area – it doesn’t count as a kill.

Once you defeat Ahoo’ru you will gain access to a sweet mount and another pass to give to a mate.

Brawler's Guild Screen Shot

There are currently only 3 mounts that share the Mushan Beast model. This mount, the mount from collecting 500 Bloody coins on the Timeless Isle, and a rare drop from the world boss Galleon.

I hope that this guide has helped you in some way. If you have advice, suggestions or comments about the Brawler’s Guild please feel free to share them. You may comment on the post, send me an email at, follow me on twitter @Elamari_ or like and comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page



4 thoughts on “Brawler’s Guild Ranks 8 & 9

  1. The Hexos macro was quite helpful. It took a number of tries to get the pattern down, but it was quite helpful to not have to worry about rotation at the same time.

    • Hi there.

      I’m glad you found it useful. I spent a long time on the target dummies getting it to a workable stage. Do you have any suggestions for making it better? Thanks for the comment.


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