So you think you can PVP? – Guest blog Feral PVPer Ðaiquiri on Frostmourne-US

Up for some PVP and all that Jazz? If yes then you’ve come to the right place… or you just want to hear some lunatic to blab on about how fun PVP as a Feral Druid can be then you have also come to the right place. So let’s get into it!

I’m Ðaiquiri from the server Frostmourne-US and I’ve been PVPing as Feral since the beginning of The Wrath of the Lich King. I have never been bored with the Feral Druid play style whether it is battlegrounds, rated battlegrounds, arenas or World PVP. Having been an active member of Gundrak’s number one RBG group (Pinoy Guild on Gundrak) and also just being that person that helps others just to get there weekly caps with arenas I’ve had my fair share of PVP.

Let’s face it Feral’s have been a little bit up and down when it comes to PVP in the last couple of expansions; with the whole no more Bear-Catting case, originally being able to shift out of snares – then not being able to – then being able to shift out of snares again, it would seem that Feral’s are on par with Warriors when it comes to ups and downs in the PVP department. Then again popping all your defensive cooldowns + Frenzied Regeneration + Bear Form was a little bit ridiculous since holding up an entire team felt like being cuddled by a poltergeist.

Also I think it’s probably good to make a point that I have never done a blog for this sort of thing ever and that I probably sound like some crazed role player from Moonguard faffing about in The Goldshire Inn. Anyway, on with the show.

PVP with Daiquiri

What time is it kids? Time for Feral PvP with Ðaiquiri the Hordebreaker.

Shape Shifting
The first thing I want to discuss is the key factor that keeps squishy Kitties from dying, and that is knowing when and what form to shift into at the right time when the situation suits best. Keep in mind that while being able to shift into Bear /Cat/Caster or Travel Form (only for Flag carrying! I’m looking at you Resto druids) it will only be effective at one sole thing. So let’s have a quick rundown on which forms to shift into depending on the situation.

You’re obviously going to be using this a lot since this is what’s going to kill that cheeky Mage or Hunter that is kiting you. Shifting in and out of Cat Form using the cancel Cat Form macro and keeping your opponent smothered by using your speed to apply constant pressure will give you no down time on your DPS.

Now a massive part to keeping alive as a Feral is the healing. Taking the Ysera’s Gift, Nature’s Vigil and using your Predatory Swiftness procs for Healing Touch is what will be keeping you a live 90% of the time.


Who’s a cute kitty? You’re a cute kitty =^.^=

This is the “oh crap” form and only really effective to a Feral Druid when used with the Might of Ursoc spell. Using this when fighting Warriors, Rogues, Monks and Hunters is an effective way to survive their burst damage. Some people use Heart of the Wild talent and while that can be viable I personally feel that just using Might of Ursoc + Bear Form is far more reliable than placing your cards on a 6 minute cooldown.

Bear form is your go to defensive move.

Shifting to Bear Form grants you extra HP and time to recover from burst. Not as good as it used to be but a good tool at our disposal.

You want to make it a point that you hardly ever get caught in this form and if you do just pop a Rejuvenation and go Bear Form because you’re going to get wailed on. You can also use Nature’s Grasp and run for it, or if you have a friend nearby to just wild charge towards then going Kitty and start cheesing it. Personally I like combing Ursol’s Vortex with Dash as a means of putting some distance between you and the attacker.

Pro tip: Dash can be activated from Caster Form, automatically shifting you into Cat Form.

Just use this for carrying flags and don’t forget to your snare clear macro.

Top Priority – ALWAYS have Savage Roar up no matter what. The Glyph of Savagery will help you a lot of with this.

As with most situations you want to get the jump on your victim. Like a Rogue you want to be fast and make them panic so starting with a Pounce and quickly applying Rake and a 5 combo point Rip. This will give you a big head start. In addition this will give you a guaranteed Predatory Swiftness proc for a Healing Touch or an Entangling Roots.

Now if this is a ranged/caster you are wailing on, you’re going to want to keep them right where you want them. The Ursol’s Vortex & Force of Nature (Treants) talents are great keeping them rooting in place. For Feral, the Treants summoned by Force of Nature talent will use Entangling roots. Follow this up with a Typhoon to knock them back a little further followed by another Treant is going to be very effective at stopping their retreat and allow you much more damage uptime. This kind of strategy is good for separating a healer from a pack.

Keeping your Rake and 5 combo point Rip up is going to be where most of the damage is going to come from so if you have these up just fill in with some Mangles and 5 combo point Maim’s when Rip is up and this should do the job 99% of the time and only using 5point Ferocious Bites account for the other 1%. Never go for any finishers with less than 5 combo points. Your damage will suffer and there is a reduced chance to proc Predatory Swiftness.




Tier 1 – Wild Charge is a no brainer for PVP;

  • it’s a gap closer in Cat Form
  • a get away in Caster Form (similar to a Warrior’s Intervene)
  • a charge in Bear Form
  • And great at annoying your friends with underwater quests since you can just scarper on ahead as a fish.

Tier 2 – Ysera’s Gift is probably one of the most ridiculous talents Druids have been given. It constantly heals you or a friend if you are at max health with out any management.

Tier 3 – Typhoon may not be as good as a Shaman’s Thunderstorm or a Hunter’s glyphed Explosive Trap but it is still extremely useful when it comes to hindering other people or even entire teams from advancing in certain situations. Pairing this with Ursol’s Vortex gives you an incredible amount of control when it comes to keeping people where you want them. Or just pushing people off the side of a cliff for an easy kill e.g. Lumber Mill in Arathi Basin.

Tier 4 – Instead of following the crowd and going for Incarnation (which yes I see the value since it’s very bursty and great for getting in a couple of sneaky pounces), I feel Force of Nature is better for PVP. Being able to keep things where you want is incredibly effective and since it has 3 charges on a 15 second cooldown it feels like it’s always there to be used. Its uses are valuable in almost any situation; after a Mage Blinks or a Hunter Disengages or stopping someone on a mount.

Tier 5 – Changing up between Mighty Bash when doing arenas or dueling and Ursol’s Vortex for BG’s/RBG’s. Being able to slow down teams is pretty much as descriptive as this sentence needs to be since I’ve practically campaigned for Ursol’s Vortex already.

Tier 6 – Nature’s Vigil is the way to go. Its small cooldown plus its damage & healing capabilities are incredibly useful for handling a fair amount of incoming damage and helping with dishing it out. It just seems like a win-win situation so take the talent.

Gems and Enchants
It’s pretty much the same as PVE so check Icy Veins.

Reforging & Stat Priority
MASTERY! Obviously after gemming and getting the 3% PVP cap for both hit and expertise, you want to reforge everything to mastery. Sounds a bit silly to just put your cards on mastery but when it comes to bleeds your going to want hitting as hard as possible. Seeing someone trying to run off those bleeds you chucked on them
a little while back then eventually dying from them is pretty satisfying.

I only really use one major macro and that is the snare clear macro but besides that here is a list of my unflattering macros.


Simple, easy and to the point.

Cat Form Snare Clear:

 /Cast !Cat Form

Bear Form Snare Clear:

/Cast !Bear Form

Travel Form Snare Clear:

/Cast !Travel Form

(Note that while I’m sure you can snare clear as a Boomkin I have never been a Boomkin so I can’t confirm that side and that also this snare clear does not apply to caster form).

Now for my Burst/Defensive macro I use a Vermin’s Bite potion so if you can stack up on those it really makes a difference.

Burst/Defensive Macro

/Cast Berserk
/Cast Survival Instincts
/Use Virmen's Bite Potion

(And a triggered agi pvp trink if you like)

While this is a Burst/Defensive macro and pinning too much on a single moment may be risky this approach seems to be best as your not going to be too much of a glass cannon. (Also Berserk and Survival Instincts share the same CD so it’s really quite handy that way).

Final Thoughts
Feral is one of those classes that takes dedication and time to master but when you hit the point where you feel comfortable speeding around the Battleground or prowling on some Rogue that accidentally came out of stealth, Your going to be rewarded with fast and ridiculous amounts of fun.

Now after all this inarticulate nonsense which hopefully you’ve gained something from I want to thank Elamari for letting me talk about how you can have fun with Feral PVP, because if your not having fun with PVP then why do it? Every battleground, arena or duel should be fun and even if you lose or die embarrassingly you at least learned something or had a hell of a lot of fun doing it. Feral is one of those classes that takes dedication and time to master but when you hit the point where you feel comfortable speeding around the battleground or prowling on some Rogue that accidentally came out of stealth, you’re going to be rewarded with fast and ridiculous amounts of fun.

So Thanks for reading my little piece on Feral PVP. I’m sure there are parts I missed out or maybe don’t even know about the Feral class I’m sure you will let me know. Here’s a link of my armoury if you want your socks not really knocked off.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me or even add me on Real ID you can do that by emailing me at:


5 thoughts on “So you think you can PVP? – Guest blog Feral PVPer Ðaiquiri on Frostmourne-US

  1. The guest post on PvP really helped me out a lot. In fact, I switched four talents after reading this. I recently started playing WoW at 5.4 after not playing for four years, and again, this guide really helped. I will be saving a link to your blog in my favorites.

  2. I’ve just more recently been getting serious into PVP, rocking something like a 1450 2’s rating.. lol

    Some of the talents you’ve chosen surprised me a bit, but not all that much. I’ve been considering Yesra’s Gift.. I currently use Cenarian Ward I hate having to manage it…

    I also use Soul of the forest and dream of the cenarius, I felt that the combo worked well, because the synergy of energy regeneration and damage buff when healing on predatory swiftness procs was a win. My biggest challenge right now is 2s when paired with a healer. When facing opponents full prideful, it’s sometimes hard to beat them down. involves some luck and timing.. I assumed this had more to do with simply still having too much grevious on…

    currently have my prideful: Weapon, Head, shoulders, Chest, Bracers, Pants, 1 ring and 1 trinket. The rest is grievous.

    I also gem moderately into pvp power, and use the tyrannical meta.

    Do you know if Pounce, Mighty Bash and Maim share a diminishing return class? And on that note, I notice you use you’re your first 5 combo points on rip, I often use maim first; perhaps that’s a mistake..

    Anyways, great article! Definitely going to try out some of this tonight!

    • Good you on for getting into arena. I think one of the advantages in PVP is that talent choices can be chosen based on personal preference because things like team comp and the classes you’re up against are going to change and different spells will be /better/ in different circumstances. That said I’m not an authority on PVP.

      As far as I know, Pounce and Bash to share DR. I don’t know this for sure, but I’ve noticed shorter durations on Bash after I’ve pounced a target so I’m assuming that they do. I think Main might as well, but I can’t 100% confirm it. Cheers.

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