Feral Druid Keybinds in Warlords of Draenor

Editors note 5/9/16 – For up to date keybinds, see my post on Feral Druid keybinds in Legion.

Now that I have reached level 100 and have access to all of my abilities, spells and talents it’s time to look out how to place them on my bars. The purpose of this post is to show what my kindbindings are and give some tips for people looking to learn. I’m not going to go into ‘how to keybind‘ but I will link some articles for those who would like to read more.

Where I currently stand
I am still progressing from clicking to keybinding so I still have some spells that aren’t keybound e.g. my mount, Travel / Flight Forms, Mark of the Wild and others. I also use the addon Clique for spells that interact with raid frames like Rebirth, Remove Corruption, Soothe, Entangling Roots, Rejuvenation etc… This is mainly for easy targeting as Clique functions very similarly to mouse over macro’s but without the need for a keyboard press, bar space or target select + activation. I’ve talked about why I use Clique in greater detail and how to set it up in this post.

My keyboard set up
My keyboard is set up to have my core rotation, defensive abilities and some utility spells bound. Below is an image of a keyboard showing which buttons I have bound.

keybinds by type

I have unbound ‘Q’ and ‘E’ as strafe keys in the Blizzard keybind menu and remapped them to ‘A’ and ‘D’. I turn my character using my mouse. I then use bartender to assign a keybind to a specific spot on an action bar. This can be on my main bar so I can see it or on a hidden bar. I have left some keys unbound such as ‘R’, ‘C’ and ‘V’ as I still use their default function – reply to last message, open character info and toggle name plates. I did have tilde (~) bound to “interact” at one point. This was so I could interact with quest givers as the mouse can’t select the correct target during crowded periods (read expansion launches).

Below is an image of a keyboard show my keybinds while in Cat Form with spell icons over the keys that they are bound to.

Keyboard with spell icons

1. Rake
2. Shred
3. Rip
4. Savage Roar
5. Healing Touch
Q. Ferocious Bite
E. Tiger’s Fury
T. Typhoon
Z. Survival Instincts
X. Healthstone
F1. Bear Form
F2. Cat Form
F3. Goblin Glider
F4. Prowl

The next image shows my keybindings with an alt modifier.

keyboard with icons alt

1. Skull Bash
2. Mighty Bash
3. Maim
E. Berserk
F1. Dash
F2. Stampeding Roar
F3. Nitro Boosts

Note: Talents will automatically stay bound to their key when you swap them e.g. If I decide I want to use Ursol’s Vortex instead of Mighty Bash, when I switch the talent Ursol’s Vortex will be bound to Alt+2 where Mighty Bash is. The same goes if I swapped Typhoon for Mass Entanglement, it would stay bound to ‘T’.

Tips when learning to keybind

  • Take it slow – Any sudden, large scale change is going to make you feel clumsy and frustrated. I can’t stress this enough. Start with one spell at at time, ideally a spell that you use frequently.
  • Moving with your mouse – One of the major things about keybinding is freeing up your left (non-mouse) hand for activating spells only and using the mouse for all (most) of your movement. This can be a major hurdle for some players so as I mention above take it slow. I suggest unbinding strafe from ‘Q’ and ‘E’ and moving them to A and D. You can’t strafe using the mouse but you can turn. This has two advantages; it is the first step to using your mouse for movement and it frees up to easily accessible keys for binds.
  • Focus on binding your rotation first – These are the spells that you are going to us the most; questing, PVPing, dungeons, raiding, basically everything. With the ability pruning in Warlords of Draenor, most classes should have had their rotation ‘streamlined’ to 5-7 abilities. Feral Druids had Pounce and Ravage merged into Rake and Shred respectively freeing up two slots. Also Faerie Fire is no longer needed opening another slot.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something different – If you have large hands and/or a small keyboard and can reach the 7, 8, ‘Y’, ‘H’, ‘N’ keys then go for it. There is no correct way to keybind. I have Thrash and Swipe bound to Alt + mouse wheel up & down. This frees up keys in the busy area (W,S,A,D), lets me react quickly to procs e.g. Omen of Clarity, allows me to turn and move with my mouse all while still letting me zoom in/out with the camera.
  • Don’t bind anything to Alt+F4. You’re going to have a bad time.

Final Thoughts
Looking back I wish someone had told me about keybinding and shown me when I rolled my first character. Breaking existing clicking muscle memory is hard and frustrating. I started raiding in The Burning Crusade but didn’t starting really keybinding until Cataclysm (Yes I raided Ulduar, ToC and ICC as a clicker… and I was good at it!). Overall I think it has improved my play, my dps and made me a better, more aware raider. I strongly recommend that anyone that doesn’t currently keybind look into it.

What is your keybind set up? Was it difficult for you to learn your new keybinds? What advice do you have to players wanting to keybind? Let me know. Feel free to leave a comment on the post, send me an email at fileunderferal@gmail.com, follow me on twitter @Elamari_ or like and comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FileUnderFeral.



7 thoughts on “Feral Druid Keybinds in Warlords of Draenor

  1. Some of the guys I play with bind their keyboards like this. I have probably the weirdest setup…

    For example, since the beginning of time, I use A and D for strafing, in conjunction with the right mouse button. So I sometimes use Q and E for weird bindings, like abilities on pet bars.

    But outside that, I largely leave the default button settings alone. so most of my keyboard is stock. I have 4 action bars shown on my screen at a time. (I also use bartender)

    { bar 1 } { }
    { bar 2 } { bar 4 }
    { bar 3 } { }

    Bars 1 through 3 are full length, bound to ‘0’ to ‘=’, bar 2 is shift – ‘0’ to shift ‘=’, and bar 3 is ctrl – ‘0’ to ctrl ‘=’

    Bar 4 is split into 3 rows, 4 buttons per row, and bound to F1 through F12. These buttons are ones I either don’t use in combat, or at least not frequently enough to be part of regular rotation. But are spaced proportunately well on the keyboard to the point where I can accurately hit them, without looking at the keyboard. (F1 is always a pvp trinket, F2 is a racial ability (like shadowmeld), F4 is always a mount, F8 is always a res/bres, F12 is always a class buff, like mark of the wild)

    As I play a druid most of the time, I find it useful to use not only bartenders binding functionality, but also the bar paging functionality. Bartender exposes 10 action bars. (bar 4 on my screen is actually action bar 10)

    bars 1, 2 and 3 are mapped to….
    elf, travel { 1, 2, 3 }
    cat, prowl { 4, 5, 6}
    bear { 7, 8, 9 }

    This might sound complicated, but it’s because of the way I’ve learned to play. I use primarily the first 4 or 5 buttons while fighting, so my most common spells are here. 1 – 4, shift 1-4 and ctrl 1 – 4 are very easy key combinations to use without even thinking about what you’re doing.

    And the bar paging means that in cat form, rake and shred can be buttons 1 and 2, but in elf form they could be moonfire and wrath. I tend to stick common or similar spells/functions used between multiple forms on the same location. For example, Faerie Fire is 5, no matter what form im in.

    On my mouse, I have the extra buttons bound to weirder key combinations that I would almost never hit, such as ctrl+9, ctrl + 0, ctrl + -, ctrl + = for example. Allowing me to drag spells and macros to those parts of my bars, and have the buttons immediately respond to it. I almost always have a cat form shift on these buttons, and also healing touch, and a snare escape macro.. that type of thing.

    Anyways, great read, I might try and incorporate some of this in my setup, you never know sometimes just how convenient a little used button can be to cast something.

    On a funny side note, apparently ‘S’ is one of the most common buttons to re-bind. Especially in PVP situations. One of the guys I arena with has it bound to target focus target. ( even though I never really backpedal while fighting, I just couldn’t imagine rebinding basic movement keys) =)

    • I don’t really know how to post images in wordpress, but fingers crossed this works. This is pretty much the mess my UI looks like most of the time… =)

      I like it because to me it’s simple…

      • Looks good. Have you thought about changing some of the bars to fade out and fade in when you mouse over e.g. the micro bar? Can make things a bit more streamlined. I also have made my chat window background completely black. I find this gives better contrast so I don’t have any problems reading different coloured fonts.

  2. I wrote a big reply but lost it due to Disqus. Gah.

    The gist of it…I bought Logitec G13 gamepad and use it instead of a keyboard now. Can easily do all abilities whilst moving in any direction. Best thing I ever did.

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