Highmaul Raiding Feral Druid POV

With the release of Blackrock Foundry less than a week away I thought it was time to get this post out. So let’s have a look at Highmaul from a Feral Druid’s point of view.

Kargath Bladefist
I really like this fight, it is a great introductory boss. For Feral Druid’s it’s basically a second Butcher (read Patchwerk) fight. Incarnation and Bloodtalons are your go to talents. Our poor AOE damage means that we wont be assigned to the Chain Hurl group allowing us to focus on our single target damage. I found that you can use Skull Bash to charge back into the boss after the knockback from Kargath channeling Chain Hurl. I did try using Feral Charge, but Skull Bash is just as good. More for the Heroic version of the fight, but watch out where the ranged are positioned when they are targeted for his Berserker Rush. If the target is behind you and the boss turns around you can get 2 shot very easily. The damage on normal allows you to take several seconds worth of damage. On Mythic I think it’s likely a one shot. The Glyph of Stampeding Roar may help some of your ranged with the Berserker Rush, but it depends on your raid comp, there may be enough other speed boosts so yours isn’t needed. Check with your raid leader. Feel free to roll some Rejuv’s on the Impaled tank too, every bit of utility contributes to the success of the team.

The Butcher
This is as close to a Patchwerk fight you will see in this raid. Use Skull Bash to charge in after Bounding Cleave to give you more up-time on the boss. Use Survival Instincts when your group is getting hit with Gushing Wounds, especially when the boss is below 30% as Frenzy increases damage by 10%. You should also be rolling Rejuvs on your group during Gushing Wounds and even the other group. You should have a few spare GCD’s at this point.

Another predominantly single target fight but with some cleave. After the Fungal Feash-Easters have spawned and are picked up by the tanks, switch to them straight away and get some bleeds rolling. You may be asked to interrupt depending on you raid comp. This macro lets you have the boss targeted for damage, but interrupt the adds spell Decay when it’s on focus. Give it ago.

/cast [@focus,exists] Skull Bash; Skull Bash

Depending on your mushroom spawning locations, popping Stampeding Roar may be useful for covering large distances.

This is a very interesting boss conceptually from a design standpoint, but I loathe it in practice. There is so much ground clutter and I have trouble seeing the Crystalline Barrage. Since Mists of Pandaria I think Blizzard has changed the colour or opaqueness of void zones giving them less contrast with the back grond / floor. The maze in Durumu from Throne of Thunder and the Brawlers Guild boss Nibbleh. You may have to adjust your settings to see it better. Use Survival Instincts during Tectonic Upheaval. When the Motes of Tectus spawn, just Thrash and tab Rake. Feral’s are really suffering the the sustained AOE damage department so we have to work with that we have. Keep Rejuv on yourself and Survival Instincts as necessary there will be a lot of damage in this phase.

Twin Ogron
Did someone say cleave? This is the fight for it. Now you can try Lunar Inspiration for this fight if you like, but I found it too much to manage as well as dodging Blaze fires, moving away from Whirlwind and stacking for Enfeebling Roar. Admittedly I only tried it once. I may have more success giving it another shot. If you get a stack or two from the fire, be sure it use Survival Instincts and roll Rejuv.

Here is a video that shows how to avoid the Blaze fire. Credit to youtuber Ján Dudič for making the video.

Be sure to keep an eye on  your Expel Magic: Fire debuff and Skull Bash in after it expires. Ursol’s Vortex & Typhoon can be useful for position adds in Suppression Fields but be sure to talk with your tanks in case it’s not what they want. I can confirm that Moonfire from Lunar Inspiration affects the Nullifcation Barrier and depending on your raid comp may be worth picking up.

Imperator Mar’gok
This is a long fight, to be expected for a final boss. If you are the final target for the Brand use Survival Instincts. When the Aracane Aberration spawn switch and get bleeds rolling and take not of your position relative to the mines (Destructive Resonance). When the add dies it does a knockback and you don’t want to be knocked back into a mine. The same goes for Force Nova knock backs and mines. Just Skull Bash in through it. During the first transition phase you can and should interrupt the Gorian Warmages and move away if you are Fixated. During phase three using Stampeding Roar will help your raid move away from the tank rooted by Mark of Chaos. Focus the Gorian Reaver in the second transition phase then back to the Gorian Warmages. Spread out for Force Nova in phase 4. Use /range5 to spread apart. Avoid the orbs from Mark of Chaos, kill the Arcane Aberration ASAP and that should be a kill.

Final Thoughts
Really good introductory raid. Good variety of encounters. I will say that the stat itemisation on gear was really poor from a Feral Druid point of view (too much haste), but that is expected given it’s the first raid of the tier. Blackrock Foundry should be much better itemised. My goal is to get a ‘guide’ up a lot sooner for BRF rather than at the end, but no promises >_>

What did you think of Highmaul? What was your favourite encounter? Did you have problems with Twin Ogron fires or Tectus’ Crystalline Barrage (just me?). Let me know what you think. You can leave a comment on the post, send me an email at fileunderferal@gmail.com, follow me on twitter @Elamari_ or you can like and / or leave a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FileUnderFeral.



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