Blackrock Foundry Part 1

My raid team as been steadily progressing through normal Blackrock Foundry and I thought it’s about time to take a look at it from a Feral Druids point of view. One of the advantages of BRF is it’s winged design, allowing for each team to clear bosses in multiple orders. In this post, bosses will be listed in the order we defeated them.

This boss is a good single-target dps encounter, perfect for Bloodtalons. There is very little movement and no adds or AOE required. From a DPS perspective, there are only two things you need to worry about. The first is the Cave In ability. This places a void zone on the ground you need to avoid. This is only moderately annoying. It may cause your group to have to move or may block you exit if you get targeted by his next ability Shatter. If you get targeted by this ability, you need to run out of the raid and make sure you are at least 8 yards away from any player. Gruul has quite a large hit box and I’ve found it possible on several occasions to far enough away to avoid Shatter damage, but still be able to dps the boss. This is a good thing to try to increase your dps uptime. However it’s really susceptible to RNG e.g. two people running the same direction, or the tank moves the boss etc… Good introductory fight. Practice your single target rotation.

Beastlord Darmac
Another fight that looks complicated at first, but is really quite simple. In my Ask Mr. Robot Combat Infographics post I have already talked a little bit about my raid teams strategy so I’ll keep it brief. Single target the boss, keep an eye on your timers and pool energy for the Call the Pack adds so you can throw out a Thrash and maybe a couple of swipes. Chances are you wont top dps this encounter because of the AOE required to down the adds, but that’s ok because Feral Druids actually bring some strong utility to this encounter. We are able to dispel the Savage Howl enrage off the boss during the Cruelfang phase. There is an option in DBM to set up a warning for this ability to let you know when to dispel Savage Howl and a timer option. Rogues and Hunters can also dispel this ability so depending on your raid comp you may be lucky. Be sure to dust off your Soothe keybind.

DBM Savage Howl special warning option

If you are required to dispel Savage Howl there is a special warning option in DBM to help you see when it is up.

Hans’gar & Franzok
I hope you’re not a keyboard turner because this fight is going to test your movement and precision. The fight is mostly single target but at the change over intervals, it becomes a two target cleave. The bosses share a health pool which is a good opportunity for us to bleed up both of them. With my raids timings I found that if I Berserk  + Incarnation in the first phase applying bleeds to both before Hans’gar jumps away, both cooldowns will be up when he jumps down, where you can blow them both apply bleeds to both again. Stampeding Roar can be good during the press phase, just remember to glyph it.

Flamebender Ka’graz
Another fight where you can get your bleeds up on multiple targets. At start you can get bleeds on Flamebender and Aknor Steelbringer, but make sure you hit Aknor first or he will leaping all over the place and you will miss your chance. I found that Incarnation + Berserk synced up closely with the Summoned Cinder Wolves. Keep an eye on your timers and if they are say 10-15 secs away, delay using Incarnation + Berserk so you can get bleeds up on both wolves. I have a bit of a habit of getting hit by the Firey Link (the beam that connects the dogs) when trying to get my bleeds up. This is something I need to work on and avoid and be proactive in using Survival Instincts plus self healing. You will see in the image below that in my most recent kill I took the second highest amount of damage from the ability.

Screen shot from my Ask Mr. Robot Combat Infographic showing the damage I took from Singe. Not that the section heading is "Avoidable Damage". Something for me to work on.

Screen shot from my Ask Mr. Robot Combat Infographic showing the damage I took from Singe. Not that the section heading is “Avoidable Damage”. Something for me to work on.

Use Survival Instincts during Firestorm and roll some rejuvs on people, your healers will thank you. Being a good raider isn’t always about the most throughput, but also includes things like reducing the amount of damage you take. This is one of the reasons why I really like the Ask Mr. Robot combat infographics. They can quantify and show you where you are taking damage from which you can compare week to week. You can use this to track your improvement.

Kromog <Legend of the Mountain>
After the shit fights of Hans & Franz it’s finally good to get to a relatively straight forward burn boss. Phase 1, burn boss and avoid Slams & Reverberations. I’ve found the Reverberations movement a bit hard to predict sometimes so I give them a really wide berth. Phase 2, refresh bleeds on boss before getting caught in a Rune of Grasping Earth. I try to pick a rune that is in the middle so Thrash & Swipe will hit as many targets as possible. While you are in the Rune you will take constant moderate damage. Keep and eye on your HP and keep a rejuv rolling on yourself. Once you’re out, bust out your healers (if that’s part of your strategy) and repeat phase 1.

Operator Thogar
This encounter goes straight back to being hectic after Kromog in addition to not being a very strong for Ferals. My strategy has been to focus the boss and Thrash the adds when they come in. If I get an OOC proc or have Tiger’s Fury up, I’ll throw in a few Swipes. With Swipe hitting so many adds, it has an increased chance to get a few crits to help with combo point generation. As a dps it is important to interrupt the Grom’kar Firemenders’ Cauterizing Bolt. There is a lot of clutter on the ground that causes damage so be sure to roll some rejuvs on yourself. If you get targeted with Delayed Siege Bomb run out and drop it away from the raid. Stampeding Roar can be useful during the quick transitions or the split. As mentioned above, make sure it’s glyphed.

Final Thoughts
I’ve enjoyed the raid so far, though I would like to get through all of it before Patch 6.2 and Hellfire Citadel. Part 2 will have the other bosses; Oregorger, Blast Furnace, Iron Maidens, and Blackhand. Hopefully Blackrock Foundry Part 2 will still be current when I publish it. Either way I’ve been having a good time progression through BRF.

What are your thoughts on Blackrock Foundry so far? Any fights that you think are good or bad for Feral? Are you required to interrupt or dispel in your raid team or do you get to tunnel? Let me know what your thoughts are. You can leave a comment on the post, send me an email at, send me a tweet @Elamari_ or leave a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page



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