Just the tip?

This post is going to be a little different. Rather than focusing specifically on Feral Druids, I want to talk about social norms, expectations and my personal experiences.

The “Event”
A few weeks back asked in trade chat to use an enchanters hut. I was immediately invited to a group by a person, no whispers or anything. I used their enchanters hut and after about 2 minutes when I was finished, I found the player and attempted to trade them a 50 gold tip. This is where things started to go south.

The player cancelled the trade, then began to abuse me through whisper. See the image below for the whisper transcript. I was basically being called cheap for only offering 50 gold, because I would be able to make money of the shards + the service being provided. While this is certainly true in a vacuum there are some issues I’d like to point out in making my case.

  1. Inviting a player to use your garrison has a time and effort investment that is barely above zero.
  2. During this event, I used this persons garrison for about 2 minutes or less. This small amount of time requires no effort or supervision from the player. They are free to leave their garrison as I am still able to use the enchanters hut. As with time and effort, the inconvenience is basically negligible.
  3. In order to trade this person their tip, I had to go down into their mine, which probably took longer than what it took my to DE all my items. Then to have them reject my tip just really grinds my gears. Considering the alternative is me just leaving group with no tip or thank you. To have my effort through back at me is really frustrating.
  4. Finally, nothing was discussed before hand. As I mention at the start of this post, I was simply invited to group with no negation of costs for services provided. I’ve been stung on deals before where costs weren’t discussed at the start such as Titansteel cooldowns during Wrath of the Lich King.

After becoming really frustrated I ended up leaving party, but it left my thinking. How much is an acceptable amount to tip a player for a service they provide?


My conversation with the player about the tipping amount.

As you can see I was being very short (probably rude) myself. I let my frustration take hold. After trying to do the right / expected thing and being abused I cut my losses and left them to their devices.

Tipping in World of Warcraft
I first playing World of Warcraft during the Burning Crusade. As someone who has lived their entire life in Australia, a country which doesn’t ‘tip’ as such, this was my first exposure to the social expectation of tipping for services. In the context of World of Warcraft I can see the need for tipping as it represents payment for consumer services more than a “tip”, which colloquially means a little something extra in addition to regular costs. I have commonly tipped for:

  • Enchanters services – For those newer players, before enchanting vellums were introduced, to get an item enchanted you needed to physically find an enchanter. Once you found one you then opened trade with them and placed the item to be enchanted into the “can not be trade” section in the trade window. The enchanter would then place the enchant on the item and both player hit trade and the item becomes enchanted. Tipping would vary depending on  the type of enchant and whether you provided the materials or the enchanter did.
  • Jewlcrafting services – Similar to enchanting gems could be bought raw and traded to a JC to be cut, or they could be bought of the AH. Gems were similarly charged, but some rarer stat combinations or epic gems usually warranted a higher price.
  • Mage ports – Before there were portals in every capital city to everywhere, Mages were often hired for the teleports and you would tip them for their service. This cost was by far the lowest as you were basically covering the reagent cost + their time, which much like the garrison was not much, unless they first had to come to you.
  • Garrison Dailies – This is a much more recent event. More often than not, it’s people just looking for Harrison Jones or the profession trader.

In these scenarios, I have tipped what I thought was appropriate. It took me a while to get the knack down, as I was originally over tipping, but after a bit I have gained a good understanding of what services are worth.

How much?
And now we are at the crux of the matter. How much is an appropriate amount to tip someone for using their enchanter hut? I’ve created a quiz for you to respond as I would really like to know what the community thinks. Please feel free to add in your own input (you can select more than one option).

How much do you tip for using a player garrison? Have you even been acused of tipping not enough? Are you a generous tipper? Let me know what your thoughts are. You can leave a comment on the post, send me an email at fileunderferal@gmail.com, send me a tweet @Elamari_ or leave a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FileUnderFeral.



2 thoughts on “Just the tip?

  1. The realm I’m playing on has a lot to do with what I tip. One realm I play on has a pretty inflated economy, and 100g isn’t enough to buy 2 cookies. Another realm I play on, high ticket items go for like 1500g.

    I have a mage, I always offer free ports when people ask. its nothing off my back. Sometimes they insist on tipping me, and that’s great!

    When I need a service though, I advertise what I want to tip them in the trade message. I assume if I get a response, they’re fine with that tip amount.

    Anywho, my two cents! =)

    • Thanks for your insight. One thing I probably should have mentioned was the differences between servers. When I was on Blackrock, you always needed greens when they dropped. However when I transferred to Proudmoore I got berated for needed. They were a greed server.

      When I advertise in trade, I just say what I want and “tipping” at the end. The tip gets larger the longer I have to wait.


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