Patch 6.2 Feral Druid Changes

Patch 6.2 arrive tomorrow and with it comes the new raid Hellfire Citadel. Feral’s are also receiving a small single target buff, much like most other patches. Patch notes can be found here, an (old) Shifting Perspectives right up is at Blizzard Watch, and the PTR discussion at the Fluid Druid is still going.

Single Target Buffs
Again we are receiving some single target buffs.This is to keep us competitive in the single target / two target cleave niche. However I think this highlights our poor scaling. We saw similar sized buffs in Patch 6.1 and in mid-cycle patches in past expansions. Savage Roar has something to do with it I’m betting. They can’t really buff it more than what it’s currently at so we see buffs in other areas.

  • Rake now deals 10% more damage.
  • Rip now deals 10% more damage.

In the patch notes there is also a change for Moonfire – now deals 4% less damage – I clarified with Pawkets on Twitter that this does NOT affect Lunar Inspiration.

Moonfire clarification on Twitter. Area of Effect Buffs
This section is slightly misleading because while we did technically get a buff with Thrash, Swipe didn’t get touched. This won’t change the priority or threshold of when to use Swipe (use when there is 5 or more short lived targets) and our AOE will still be abysmal.

  • Thrash now deals 10% more damage.

I’m really disappointed that more wasn’t done for our AOE. Feral’s struggled through Highmaul on fights like Imperator and Tectus that require strong AOE. Blackrock Foundry wasn’t as bad, but my dps was surprised easily on Beastlord – because the adds have a short lifetime and on the Blastfurnace encounter I felt almost useless. Thrashing the packs and focusing down Engineers, Firecaller’s or Security Guards. It wasn’t fun to feel weak when everyone else can simply spam their AOE attacks. Let’s hope that if there is indeed another raid tier after Hellfire Citadel that our AOE gets address in a more worthwhile manner.

That’s it for Feral changes. What do you think of the buffs, were they enough? Do you like the play-style of strong single target damage in exchange for weaker AOE damage? Let me know what you think. You can leave a comment on the post, send me an email at, follow me on twitter @Elamari_ or you can like and / or leave a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page



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