Feral Druid Tips for Hellfire Citadel Part 1

I thought I’d get on the ball nice and early and post the first part to Hellfire Citadel. There is a dedicated Raid Strategies forum over at the Fluid Druid where you can share your experiences and see what other Feral’s are doing. I recommend that you have a look.

Hellfire Assault
Not a great first encounter for Feral’s given it’s an AOE fight with lots of short lived adds. What I’ve found is best is to tab Rake and Thrash, but mainly focus on the mobs with the larger health pools such as the Hulking Berserkers. You don’t want to be wasting energy on Shred’s. Using Swipe may yield some extra combo points so I use it when I see Savage Roar coming close to an end, usually around 10-15 secs to ensure I get to 5 combo points. It would be really interesting to hear what other Feral’s do on this encounter given how poor it is for us.

Iron Reaver
A much better encounter after Hellfire Assault. This boss gives you a lot of time to focus on single target dps. During the air phase, use your speed boosts to get around to as many Volatile Firebomb’s as possible and Rake them. A few things I need to work on are moving out of the way of Blitz and avoiding the Fuel Streaks. I play with my graphic settings pretty low so I have to turn them up to be able to see the Fuel Streaks more clearly, like in the Nibbleh Brawlers Guild encounter.

Comparing graphical settings

This screen shot is from the Brawlers Guild, but you can clearly see the difference changing the graphical settings makes. Adjusting your projected textures and particle density may make it easier to see the fuel on the ground.

Another great single target encounter, with a little bit of AOE thrown in. This fight I feel is very similar to the Kormog encounter, in execution and in name. Roll your defensive’s during Pound. When the tanks get stunned by Explosive Burst, use Stampeding Roar to help the raid move away. Make sure that you have it glyphed. Thrash and Swipe when the hands spawn. Remember to switch from the boss to your own hand so that your melee attacks are hitting it. A few times I’ve forgotten to switch and my hand hasn’t gone down as quick as others. If you end up getting positioned slightly away don’t panic because you will be surprised how far Swipe can reach.

The globules that spawn during the encounter are 100% avoidable. In fact there is actually an achievement to not get hit by any. Using Ask Mr. Robot’s combat logs I am able to see how much the raid and myself takes. This week I achieved my first goal not to get hit by any globules and got the achievement. As a raider, I encourage everyone to make this one of their goals as well.

Being a good raider is not just about dps, it’s about survival (how much dps does a dead raider do? ZERO!), it’s about situational awareness, and it’s about doing what needs to be do for the success of the team. Reducing the amount of damage you take reduces the toll on the healers concentration and mana. Ask. Mr. Robot gives you a reliable way to track this and compare your performance week to week. Check it out.

Screen shot of the Ask Mr. Robot combat infographic showing avoidable damage for the globules. If you don't get hit you get the achievement.

Screen shot of the Ask Mr. Robot combat infographic showing avoidable damage for the globules. If you don’t get hit you get the achievement.

High Council
Get your bleeds rolling both on Gurtogg Bloodboil and Blademaster Jubei’thos. If you happen to have two sets of gear, you will want to focus on crit/mastery for bleeds over the normal crit/multi stat priority for single target dps. Run out if targeted with Reap and drop it as far away are you can. If you get targeted with Fixate, make sure to roll Rejuv’s on yourself and use Survival Instincts as necessary. Each raid probably handles it differently. We started out kiting the boss, but after some attempts we assigned a healer to the targeted player and a designated spot to run do.

During Blademaster Jubei’thos’ Windwalk phase roll some Rejuvs and focus mainly on getting as many Rake’s up as you can. This goes doubly so if you geared for mastery. Trying to Shred will leave you energy starved and reduce your dps. I had a hard time seeing the Wailing Horror‘s and actually died on some attempts. Don’t be afraid to run out and use Survival Instincts. Depending on which order you take the bosses down in, you may be affected by Tainted Blood, so paying close attention to your HP is really important.

Kilrogg Deadeye
Your role may vary on this fight depending if you are selected to enter the Visions of Death or stay out.

If you stay out it’s straight up single target dps. You will more than likely be on interrupt duty for the Hulking Terror’s Rending Howl. Good chance to cleave both the boss and the add. Similar to Brackenspore you can use a Focus interrupt macro or just stay on the add until your turn interrupting is done. Typing “/focus” will bring up your focus frame. You can make a macro that is simply “/focus” too.

/cast [@focus,exists] Skull Bash; Skull Bash

If you have to go into the Visions of Death, your number one goal is survival. There were times were I could spend the entire during in  Cat Form, but to ensure I got my 20 stacks, I would often switch to Bear Form. Going Bear allows you to spam Thrash and use rage on Frenzied Regeneration. Roll Rejuvs on your group and use Survival Instincts as necessary. Using Typhoon, Ursol’s Vortex + abilities from other classes, you may be able to keep the adds contained to an area to leave yourself more room to move around. Might be worth trying with your group.

A few notes on the Visions of Death

  • If you are selected to go to into the Visions of Death, ask to be placed in the second group. When you come up with your damage buff it will line up with Berserk and Incarnation coming off cooldown from being used at the start.
  • I was experienced what I think was a bug, where I would “die” inside the vision and get teleported out. Sometimes I would be “dead” on the ground but then be rezed by the encounter and not have enough mana to shapeshift. I think this is similar to what Holy Priests were experiencing with Spirit of Redemption.

This fight is similar to Kilrogg. If you get sucked into Gorefiend’s stomach, dps the trapped souls down. Throw some heals on the healing adds with Rejuv’s and your Predatory Swiftness procs. The trapped souls can be stunned and knocked back. I’ve found Mighty Bash and Typhoon useful. I even used Maim on one that was about to enter the centre. If you get teleported in at the start when Incarnation is up, you can use Rake to stun the Trapped Souls.

On the outside you will be interrupting the Bellowing Shout on the tank add. There is an option in DBM to turn on specific alerts for interrupts if you are on duty. This is also true for Kilrogg. Be sure to have a look at it. If you get targeted with Touch of Doom, run out of the raid. You can use glyphed Stampeding Roar to help raid members with Shared Fate. Use Dash to get away from Gorebound Constructs when the focus you. These adds speed up the longer they are on you so holding off on using Dash for a few seconds might keep you alive a bit longer.


Settings in DBM for individual boss mechanics. Special warning for interrupting Bellowing Shout is circled.

Stay tuned for the next part in the Hellfire Citadel series. Coming Soon (TM).

What are your thoughts on Hellfire Citadel so far? Any fights that you think are good or bad for Feral? Are you required to interrupt or do you get to tunnel? Let me know what your thoughts are. You can leave a comment on the post, send me an email at fileunderferal@gmail.com, send me a tweet @Elamari_ or leave a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FileUnderFeral.



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