Cat Nap #12 – Updated Feral Druid Keybinds Warlords of Draenor

Editors note 5/9/16 – For up to date keybinds, see my post on Feral Druid keybinds in Legion.

Just a quick update on my current keybinds as I’ve made some adjustments my last post on keybinds. I used to click my potions but have now moved them to ‘t’, where Typhoon used to be. Typhoon has been moved to my mouse (Ctrl + Mousewheel down). Healing Touch is still on ‘6’ but is also bound to Alt + ‘q’, which I what I use nearly 100% of the time.

Below is my current adjusted keyindings with no modifiers.

Current adjusted keyindings with no modiferes

1. Rake
2. Shred
3. Rip
4. Savage Roar
5. Healing Touch
Q. Ferocious Bite
E. Tiger’s Fury
T.  Agility Potion
Z. Survival Instincts
X. Healthstone
F1. Bear Form
F2. Cat Form
F3. Goblin Glider
F4. Prowl

Below is my current adjusted keybinds with an Alt modifier.

Current keybindings with an Alt modifier

1. Skull Bash
2. Mighty Bash
3. Maim
E. Berserk
F1. Dash
F2. Stampeding Roar
F3. Nitro Boosts
Q. Healing Touch

The reasons for the changes were that I found myself using my potions more than Typhoon, but not so often that I needed a good keybind close to my hand. I also used to have Typhoon bound to my mouse back in Mists of Pandaria so it wasn’t a big learning curve to get used to it. Healing Touch was proving too cumbersome to use when ‘5’ was it’s only binding. I still have it bound to my mouse also for mouse over healing with unit frames, but sometimes I just need to use it for my Bloodtalons proc. I’ve become used to hitting ‘q’ with Ferocious Bite and put it there with my main modifier, Alt, and haven’t looked back.

Hope you are feeling refreshed after our Cat Nap.



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