Feral Druid Tips for Hellfire Citadel Part 2

Time for part 2 of Hellfire Citadel. Check out Part 1 if you haven’t seen it yet. Don’t forget to check out the strategy conversations over at the Fluid Druid.

Shadow-Lord Iskar
Solid single target fight for the most part. If you get targeted with Fel Chakram you can use Skull Bash to get back to the boss after it targets you. In my team we had the melee just run back behind the boss. Using a combination of Dash, Stampeding Roar and Skull Bash, it is possible to stay on the boss while you have Phantasmal Winds. If your group is good at passing the Eye of of Anzu it shouldn’t be a problem. There is a really useful addon called Iskar Assist that can help with the passing of the Eye of Anzu. It’s basically a set of raid frames that shows the buffs debuffs and you just left click on the players unit frame of who you want to pass it too. It’s much simpler and faster than targeting the person and using the extra action button.

Iskar Assist

This addon lets you pass the Eye of Iskar simply by left clicking on the unit frame that has the blue clouds on it and lets you know who is holding the eye via an icon.

During the adds phase, focus the Corrupted Talon Priest and through out a Thrash and do some tab Rakes. During the third add phase, your top priority is the Fel Raven. You can roll Rejuvs and use SI to help mitigate the Focused Blast.

Note – Keep an eye on your DPS cool downs so they aren’t wasted. When I was learning the fight I found that if I used them when they came off CD, the phase change would occur and I wouldn’t get the most out of them. If there is only a few seconds until the phase change it might be worth holding them off until the adds come. Be raid aware.

Socrethar the Eternal
During phase 1 you may be asked to soak Reverberating Blows. If you do you can survive without and external healing CD if you use Survival Instincts. You can only soak two stacks. Make sure you are not in front of the boss when you have two stacks. It you use both charges for both stacks it means you will have to pay extra attention to avoid standing in green fire on the ground from the Felblaze Charge boss ability. One trick I found was to move slightly backwards when the boss charged, as the boss would not return the full distance back to the tank. Obviously avoid standing in the Fel Prision and if someone does stand in it in melee range, switch to it and dps it down.

During phase 2 you will more than likely be interrupting the Exert Dominance spell by Socrethar. About once a minute the boss will cast Apocalypse. This spell can not be interrupted but if you are trigger happy, it can trick you into using your interrupt. Our raid had an interrupt rotation of 4 people which ensured that each players interrupt was off cool down, but we had it covered if someone missed their spot.
Your ranged dps should take care of the Haunting Souls. However if they get to close, Typhoon is good for knocking them back.

Tyrant Velhari
This encounter has a lot of damaging effects on the floor. When this is combined with the pattern of the floor, it can be quite difficult to see the damaging effects, especially if you play with you settings fairly low like I do. I suggest positing yourself somewhere around the boss where you are on you own so you can see everything around you.

During phase 1, you need to move as little as possible to reduce the damage from the Aura of Oppression. What I suggested above can help, but what’s more important is how well your tanks can position the boss. Ideally, you want to aim for a position that doesn’t crowd the tanks, lets you see all the effects on the floor and be within attack range of the Ancient Enforcer add that spawns without having to move. One cool trick to reduce the damage from the Aura of Oppression is to wait for 2 fire puddles of Searing Blaze before moving.

Aura of Oppression

The damage you take from Aura of Oppression is going to vary for pull to pull due to boss positioning and Searing Blaze. On this attempt I was able to get in a good position with RNG on my side. I had the lowest damage taken of any melee dps including one of the tanks.

During phase 2 you may be required to interrupt the Ancient Harbinger’s healing spell. It gets cast every 20 secs or so, so you should be able to solo interrupt (on normal), but would be best to have a backup. Remember to keep your bleeds both on the boss and the adds.

Phase 3 triggers at 40% HP. It is best to save your combat potion for during this phase when your CD’s are up as the boss takes extra damage. The Ancient Sovereign add needs to die ASAP because it places an aura on the boss that reduces your damage against it. Multi-bleeding is not as is not as affective here, so single target the add when it spawns. The raid will almost be moving constantly to stay out of the void zones, which is a good opportunity to use Stampeding Roar.


In this screen shot, all of the area inside the blue ellipse is void zone. I find this difficult to see sometimes when there is so much going on in the encounter.

Fel Lord Zahkurm
One of my favourite encounters of the raid so far because it is basically a Patchwerk fight. DPS your heart out, avoid fire and run out if your are targeted with Latent Energy.

You will find yourself mostly on add duty during this encounter. The Imps need to be killed and interrupted. Luckily, Feral’s have a wide range of spells at their disposal. Skull Bash will interrupt their Fel Orb cast, Mighty Bash and Maim will stun them (interrupting the cast). Hitting them with Typhoon will also stop them casting. However this may be a negative depending on positioning and strategy. For example if you have a Death Knight use Gorefiend’s Grasp, you don’t want to knock them away.

Try and keep your bleeds up on the boss and mini bosses as much as possible. Don’t worry about using Shred to generate combo points, just focus on getting Rake on as many targets as possible. It is possible to do a little bit of energy pool ready for imp spawns, but don’t energy cap and be mindful of your Omen of Clarity procs, you don’t want to miss using them or become energy capped because of them.

One thing that I struggle with is taking a lot of damage from Fel Surge. This green fire is always in the way as a melee. Keep your Rejuvs rolling as much as possible and don’t be like me.


I by far took the most damage from Felsinged on this attempt. Something for me to work on improving. That being said, it is more difficult for melee than ranged. The  three highest players that took the most damage are melee.

That about does it for part 2. Stay tuned for part 3 where I will cover Mannoroth and Archimonde. Have I missed anything important? Does your raid have a different or unique strategy? Let me know. You can leave a comment on the post, send me an email at fileunderferal@gmail.com, send me a tweet @Elamari_ or leave a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FileUnderFeral.



3 thoughts on “Feral Druid Tips for Hellfire Citadel Part 2

  1. Great guide!
    I’ve found through this raid that there seems to be very little variation with tactics, or indeed even tricks to get an upper edge or really help the raid out. Personally, I think I use the same talents and glyphs for 95% of fights, and it kind of makes me miss MoP where we could tailor our spec or glyphs (and symbiosis) to best assist the raid. However, I do like that I can swap out trinkets based on the fight. For fights like Xul’horac for example, I like to use Mirror of the Blademaster, as it’s really nice for cleaving down groups of adds, especially since our aoe is still so weak, but the class trinket is amazing on single-target fights like Fel Lord in absolutely smashing the meters every time.
    One thing I have found useful on Socrethar is ursol’s vortex for the ghost adds if for some reason they’re getting out of control (which is less and less of a problem as gear improves, and tbh our range competes for this role as it’s a dps increase for many of them). It clumps them up nicely for range aoe, but if you have a resto or boomy druid they’re in a better position to use it.
    I look forward to the next guide!

    • Yeah there is definitely less to write about. Basically it’s interrupt duty and don’t die. I started building a mastery set of gear, but it feels underwhelming.

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