Cat Nap #14 – Hallow’s End Dailies as Feral

The Hallow’s End even it is currently on running from the 19th October through to the 2nd of November. With this years event comes 4 new daily quests available from you garrison, which needs to be fully upgraded. The quest giver is located near your fountain for Alliance players.

Quest givers

Alliance quest givers are at the fountain in a level 3 garrison.

Why should I do these quests?
These quests allow you to get vanity items such as garrison decordations, new battle pets, toys, costumes, and heirloom upgrades among other things. For a detailed guide to the holiday event, check out WoW Head’s Guide to Hallow’s End.

All of these quests take place in Shadowmoon Valley, which is just hop, skip and a jump for Alliance players, but probably a mammoth of a trip for Horde. On with the quests.

Shadowmoon Valley

The area in Shadowmoon Valley where the dailies take place.

Smashing Squashlings
Interrupt their heal. Easy to take down. If it’s crowded on the coastline, check out the islands on your way to the Mutiny on the Boneship quest.


Interrupt the Regrowth heal.

Foul Fertilizer
The Dread Fertilizer items can be detonated with Faerie Fire and will damage any mobs near them. Similar to the Squashlings, check out the islands if the coastline is crowded.

Mutiny on the Boneship
This mini boss is fairly easy. It does a frontal cleave which appears as a purple void zone in front of them.

Void Zone

Move out of the purple void zone.

Culling the Crew
There are two types of mobs that count for this quest, Salty Dreg and Brackish Cultivator. The Salty Dreg’s are the easiest to go after, they have less HP. The Brackish Cultivator’s cast Arcane Missiles which can be interrupted. You can easily round up a few and AOE them down. Keep Rejuv rolling and interrupt as required.

Arcane Missiles

Interrupt Arcane Missiles.

Hope you are feeling refreshed after our Cat Nap.



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