Legion Beta: Build 20740 Feral Spell Changes

The Legion beta has been data mined and some of the changes are out. Check out WoW Head for the full listing. Because there is so much information, I’ve broken it up into several posts. This post is about spell changes. The other ones are on Druid Affinities and Feral Talents.  As always check out the Fluid Druid Forums for good spec discussion.


  • Major Glyphs removed – Makes sense. They were very set and forget for Feral. Just make them baseline (I’m looking at you Glyph of Stampeding Roar).
  • Raid buffs like Mark of the Wild, Blessing of Might appear to be removed.

Spell Changes

  • Bear Form: Tooltip rewording.
  • Cat Form: Tooltip rewording.
  • Cyclone: Now 2 sec cast
    No real thoughts on this for now. Could have some impact for PVP but I’m not qualified to make those kind of predictions.
  • Dash: Now Feral only
    Given the focus on class / spec fantasy this change makes sense. I’m a little surprised that the other specs don’t get access to an on-use movement speed spell give that Dash has been baseline since Vanilla. The Feral Affinity compensates for this by slightly by providing 15% passive movement speed, but it’s not the same as an on-demand speed boost.
  • Ferocious Bite: Feral only
    With the changes coming to allow healing specs to level as a healer, the only reason to be in Cat Form would for utility (fall damage reduction, prowling) and not damage, so this makes sense. Another upside to reducing the available spells from the offspecs is a reduction in unnecessary button bloat and spell book clutter. If you chose the Feral Affinity you will get back access to FB and other Feral Spells – See the post on  Druid Affinities.
  • Frenzied Regeneration – Now Guardian only. Heals you for 100% of the damage taken in the last 6 sec over 6 sec
    It’s been a while since I did any serious tanking but I’ll have a crack at this one. Similar to Ferocious Bite being Feral only, this will significantly reduce Bear Form’s utility as we don’t have access to Savage Defence either, leaving no active mitigation available to the non-Guardian specs. However, the Guardian Affinity grants Frenzied Regeneration in addition to Thick Hide and Iron Fur. This affinity sounds like the Bear-Catting that was mentioned at Blizzcon. Also a good option for soaking a mechanic / add tanking or if you need another “OH SH!T” button. The heal being changed from a direct heal to a heal-over-time will hopefully smooth out incoming damage to be less spiky, and scale with the content.
  • Growl: Now Guardian only
    Fits with the new focus on flavour, and granted back by the Guardian Affinity.
  • Healing Touch: Now Instant
    This is interesting. With the removal of casting Rejuvenation in Cat Form in Legion, Healing Touch will be doing more of our overall healing (talents withheld). However, if it is now instant, how will it interact, if at all, with Predatory Swiftness and Bloodtalons? (check talents)
  • Mangle: Guardian only
    Again fits with the new focus on flavour, and granted back by the Guardian Affinity.
  • Mark of the Wild: Now Restoration only. Infuse a friendly target with the power of the wild, increasing their Strength, Agility and Intellect by 5% and their Stamina by 0%. Only one ally may be marked at a time.
    Originally I thought this is what would help Resto Druids level, giving them a boost. But the wording of the spell is not quite clear. It doesn’t directly say you can’t cast it on yourself, but it’s ambiguous. Looking more broadly at the spell, does this mean that each raid will require a set number of Resto Druids to maximise the team members with Mark of the Wild? Will their be arguments over the target? We need more information.
  • Moonfire: Usable in Bear Form
    Very odd flavour decision. Having another ranged pull option is nice. But I’m still not sure what the purpose of this is.
  • Primal Fury: tooltip update
  • Prowl: No longer reduces movement speed by 30%
    The Warlords of Draenor Enchanced Prowl perk is now baseline. I’m so used to this now that I actually forgot it was a perk. Happy they made it permanent.
  • Rebirth: Now instant
    Now we aren’t reliant on Predatory Swiftness for an instant battle rez – not that you couldn’t plan around it somewhat.
  • Rejuvenation – Restoration only. Now lasts 15 secs instead of 12.
    We found out since Blizzcon that Feral’s would be losing Rejuv. Increased duration and power is a buff. No complaints.
  • Revive: Now Restoration only. Returns all dead party member to life with 35% maximum health and mana. Not castable in combat.
    I’m upset that we have list this as it was good in the open world – which is where the Devs want us. Seems like a very weak appeal to flavour. Though reducing our utility and making our niche more narrow is harking back to Burning Crusade. Could potentially draw in the “BC was better” crowd.
  • Shred: Now Feral only. Tooltip re-wording
    It is interesting to note that Shred no longer applies Infected Wounds Rake does. As I read on the Fluid Druid forums, this is good because it only takes 1 GCD and 35 energy to apply the slow instead of 2 GCDs and 75 energy. Taking the Feral Affinity also grand Shred.
  • Stampeding Roar: Now Feral and Guardian only.
    The range on this spell is STILL only 10 yards and with it being restricted to Feral and Guardian only the glyph will get even less usage. Just make it baseline already. There had better be some really compelling glyph choices in Legion to make me give up this glyph.
  • Sunfire: A quick beam of solar light burns the enemy for 1 Nature damage and then an additional 4 Nature damage over 8 sec to the primary target and all enemies within 5 yards.
    Moonkin spell, not my speciality. No comment.
  • Thrash (Guardian): Strikes all enemy targets within 8 yards, dealing 1 Bleed damage and applying Lacerate for an additional 0 Bleed damage over 15 sec.
    This change is odd, but there is a strong chance that having Lacerate on the target as a Guardian will be beneficial.
  • Thrash (Feral):
    No changes.
  • Wrath: New name: Solar Wrath: Now Restoration only.
    A dedicated spell to help Resto’s level without swapping specs.


  • Soothe – This isn’t really a surprise. It is basically a left over mechanic that can be worked around through other forms of CC or simply out healing it, as mentioned in my other posts about Soothe and enrage effects.

Be sure to check out the other posts on Druid Affinities and Feral Talents. Stay tuned for more Feral News.



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