Legion Beta: Build 20740 Druid Affinities

The Legion beta has been data mined and some of the changes are out. Check out WoW Head for the full listing. Because there is so much information, I’ve broken it up into several posts. This post is about Druid Affinities. The other ones are on spell changes and Feral Talents.  As always check out the Fluid Druid Forums for good spec discussion.

In Legion, the talent tree has had a revamp. It’s still in the same format as Mists and Warlords (same levels, pick 1 of 3 choices) but the Dev’s have spiced it up a bit with more spec specific choices. Similar to how the level 100 talents work currently. I’ll discuss talents as a whole in another post, but I want to focus on the level 45 talents in this post called Affinities.

This row of talents lets you pick from from one of the three specs remaining where you will be granted access to some spells and effects from your chosen spec – you will have an affinity for your chosen talent. It’s like a weaker, permanent version of the Mist of Pandaria Heart of the Wild talent. What else is cool is you will get a modified version of your form based on the affinity you have chosen. See below for some images.

Legion Affinities

Affinities are the new level 45 talents in Legion. A Legion talent tree is up at WoW Head.

  • Guardian Affinity: You will gain
    • Thick Hide (reduces all damage taken by 10%)
    • Growl
    • Mangle
    • Thrash
    • Ironfur
    • Frenzied Regneration

Bear-catting is back baby, though not as strong as it was in Cataclysm. You are still lacking Savage Defense but you should be able to tank a boss for a short period of time, take a few hits. With the loss of Ysera’s gift and Rejuv, the Thick Hide passive and Ironfur could give you a some potentially much needed damage reduction.

  • Balance Affinity: You will gain
    • Astral Influence (increased range on all of your abilities)
    • Moonkin Form
    • Starsurge
    • Lunar Strike
    • Solar Wrath
    • Sunfire

It’s not clear how the increased range will work with Feral’s melee abilities. Could be similar to Enhancement Shaman Ascendance or it might only apply to the Moonkin abilities granted by the affinity. There hasn’t been many fights this expansion where melee have been stuck on the ground but having access to Sunfire could give us a boost in AOE where we have been lacking.

Balanace Affinity Cat Form

Looks potentially like the Cat Form when you take the Balance Affinity,

  • Restoration Affinity: You will gain
    • Ysera’s Gift (same as the current talent)
    • Rejuvenation
    • Regrowth
    • Swiftmend

What stands out here is the lack of an AOE heal. Not being able to cast Rejuv in form is not a great selling point ether. In terms of survivability, the Guardian affinity is probably a better choice.

  • Feral Affinity (You can’t pick this as Feral spec): You will gain
    • Feline Swiftness
    • Shred
    • Rip
    • Ferocious Bite
    • Swipe

You can’t actually take the Feral Affinity talent as Feral (this the same for other specs choosing the Affinity for their current spec) but I’ll still discuss it for off-specing. Before taking the Feral Affinity the other specs will only have access to the Thrash and Rake abilities. Gaining Shred  means you wont over write your Rake’s constantly to generate combo points and Ferocious Bite gives you a way to spend your combo points. I’m not sure how effective Rip is going to be because non-Feral’s wont have the Feral Mastery, which increases our bleed damage. It seems to me that it’s nothing more than a token spell, and that if you were every going to do melee dps Ferocious Bite would be the better option.

Be sure to check out the other posts on Spell Changes and Feral Talents. Stay tuned for more Feral News.



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