Commentary on BellularGaming Legion Alpha Feral Druid Spec Overview

While I was browsing for some Legion Feral videos on YouTube I came across a video by user BellularGaming. It was a good video but I want to offer some commentary on it. Similar to what I did with Preach’s video for Warloads of Draenor. Head over to BellularGaming’s YouTube channel and check out their content. The Feral Druid video is below. Watch that and let’s get into it.

Spells and Abilities
The first 9.5 minutes of the video is spent going over basic Feral gameplay which is basically unchanged at this point. Rake, Rip, Shred, Ferocious Bite, Thrash, Swipe, Tiger’s Fury, and Berserk haven’t left.

Bellular starts discussing Maim, which they refer to as a PVP talent. While this is mostly true, it does have some PVE use, such as a backup interrupt (on targets that can be stunned) and some minor crowd control function. I have it key bound and have used it albeit rarely. Don’t write it off as a just a PVP spell.

They also point out that Skull Bash can be used as a mini charge due to its 13 yard range. Something I am personally a huge fan of and use all the time. The Wild Charge talent’s maximum range is only 25 yards.


A gif of Belluar showing the range of Skull Bash.

Discussion of the talent’s follows next. I will cover the talents in greater detail in a future blog post, come soon (TM) honestly. Overall it is a superb video, offering a good introduction to the spec mechanics and spells. However, Belluar makes some comments on some of the talents that I disagree with, which are discussed below.

Note – I am writing this several months after the video was released and as a result the talent has been changed.

The old Sabretooth talent used to say “Ferocious Bite extends the during of Rip by 2 seconds for each combo point spent”. I disagree with the talent being boring because it actually quite drastically changes your gameplay. if you took the Savage Roar talent, you would be weaving extra FB’s into your rotation to extend Rip. Which appears to be reminiscent of the old Wrath of the Lich King JOHN F*CKING MADDEN days, especially with Savage Roar’s reduced duration. The power of this talent is in its ability to extend a really powerful Rip, such as one applied during your pre-pot or a Rip buffed by Bloodtalons, Tiger’s Fury or another damage multiplier.
In its current iteration the talent states that “Ferocious Bite always refreshes the duration of Rip”. I think this is much better than its previous version because it has the advantages I mentioned above (keeping a buffed Rip up longer) and streamlining gameplay. Basically you would play like you’re in execute phase from the word go. This talent is very similar to the 2pc tier 13 set bonus from Dragonsoul. Using Ferocious Bite more often may have some synergy with the Ashmane’s Bite artefact trait. This may lead to doubling down on Ferocious Bite, but we will have to wait for the numbers pass to see how it compares.

Sabertooth talent compare

Tool tips for the Sabertooth talent as it changed between Bullular did their video and when I did my commentary. Old talent on the left, new talent on the right.

Regarding the Jagged Wounds talent, Bellular completed misses the purpose of the talent, which is help address the long-starting target switching issues Feral has. The talent would allow (in theory) to have the same output of damage over a shorter during. Increasing our damage on short-lived adds and reducing our ramp up time. You would be more likely to get the damage from full-duration Rip than otherwise. To neglect this point is to neglect one of the flaws of the spec.

Artifact Weapon
Moving onto the artifact weapon (which I will also write a post on), I agree with Bulluar’s comments about Shadow Thrash – that it’s a passive ability, you have no control over it. Which is basically a summary of most of the artifact weapon choices. Without going into too much detail, choices that offer gains like 5% crit of 15% damage increase are barely noticeable, boring, and ultimately take the place of something more interesting. I’m a big fan of quality over quantity. I’ll take less choices if they are more meaningful. Now, not everyone agrees with that, and that’s ok.

General Comments
I disagree with the statement at the end of the video “you can play this the had way and do more damage, or you the easy way and do less damage”. That may have been how it ended up in Warlords, but I don’t think it was the design intent of the developers. What I think they are trying to do, is give people the option of complexity if they chose. This is why Savage Roar is a talent instead of baseline, why some talents are passive and why some talents are on short timers and add extra spells to the game-play. They experimented making Savage Roar a talent previously, for the same reasons.
Some people feel that reducing baseline complexity leads to “dumbing down of the class”, which I also disagree with, for pretty much the same reasons I just mentioned.


Some players want complexity. Others don’t. Making the baseline less complex doesn’t discriminate against new players and allows experienced players to get the depth they want.

Final Thoughts
Similar to Preach I feel like Bellular suffers a bit from a hybrid tax. Being the type of content creator they are,  almost requires them to be somewhat knowledgeable across all specs and aspects of the game. This means that they wont be able to capture some of the nuance or finer points of a spec. Which is fine and I definitely don’t hold it against them. This is some constructive feedback and discussion about the class I have chosen to focus on.
I would like to see Bellular do another video just before Legion releases with the (close to) final build and see if their thoughts change or remain the same.

What are your thoughts on the video? Do you agree with Bellular on any of their comments? Do you agree with any of my comments? Would you like to see more post like this one? Let me know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment on the post, send me an email at, follow me on twitter @Elamari_ or like and comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page



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