Legion Pre-expansion Patch Survival Guide

The Legion pre-expansion patch has been announced for July 19, this Wednesday. As with all pre-expansion patches, we will have access to most of the features of the expansion except for being able to level past level 100, artifact weapons, and the new zones. For the Legion pre-patch this means you will get:

  • New wardrobe transmog system
  • New UI changes
  • Class changes – spells, talents and glyphs
  • Stat changes
  • Pre-expansion event – Demon invasions.

In this post I’m only going to cover changes relevant to Feral Druids. WoW Head has a full guide to the pre-patch and the latest PTR patch notes at battle.net.

General Changes

  • The mulit-strike, spirit and bonus armour stats are removed. Gear with multi-strike on it will be converted into another secondary stat.
    • With the removal of multi-strike our stat priority is going to change. Any changes for the duration of the pre-expansion patch may not be the same at max level in Legion. We will have to wait for someone to do the simulations to confirm the new stat priority. There is some preliminary discussion over at the Fluid Druid.
  • Glyphs are removed – some minor glyphs that made cosmetic changes have been converted into spells in the spell book. This means that Stampeding Roar’s range is back to 10 yards, and we lose access to a 5 combo point Savage Roar when opening from stealth.
  • Draenor Perks are removed, which means:
    • no Rejuvenation in Cat Form and the maximum energy increase during Berserk is now baseline.
    • Improved Rake is now part of baseline Rake. You should still open with Rake.
  • Mark of the Wild has been removed.
  • Soothe has been removed.
  • Faerie Fire has been removed.
  • Cyclone is now a PVP talent.
  • Rejuvenation is Restoration + Restoration Affinity.

Feral Changes

  • Savage Roar is now a talent.
  • Incarnation now replaces Berserk.
  • Swipe no longer generates combo points.
  • The Feline Swiftness talent is now baseline. One of the core themes of Legion is the focus on class flavour. This change keeps with the theme of speed and high maneuverability.
  • Tigers Fury tool tip update to explain snap-shotting. The new tooltip says:
    Instantly restores 60 Energy, and increases the damage of all your attacks by 15% for their full duration. Lasts 8 sec.“.
  • Shred no longer applies Infected Wounds, only Rake does.

There was a sneaky 11th hour tuning hotfix to the launch beta build with numerous Feral Changes.The first list is general balance changes. Nothing to get worked up over, this is basically a balance pass.

  • Rip damage increased by 14%
  • Rake damage increased by 14%
  • Shred damage reduced by 35%
  • Ferocious Bite damage reduced by 35%
    • The shift in damage to dots from direct damage means that Ferals will likely be favouring a mastery build (again).
  • Moonfire (Lunar Inspiration talent) damage reduced by 25%
  • Brutal Slash (talent) damage reduced by 25%
  • Thrash (Cat) damage reduced by 33%
    • Small nerf to our AoE. Without a comparison we don’t know if our AoE will be competitive. I’m not hopeful with these changes.
  • Shadow Thrash (artifact weapon) damage reduced by 66%
  • Jagged Wounds now causes affected bleeds to tick and expire 33% faster (was 40%)
  • Ferals now gain 50% bonus haste from gear
    • This is interesting. Every expansion there is discussion in the Feral community about how to make haste more appealing. Haste only affects our attack speed and energy regeneration. These factors have not been a large part of the Feral playstyle, which is managing buffs and debuffs and haste is frequently our lowest priority secondary stat.
  • Omen of Clarity (Feral) proc rate increased by 50% (from 3.5ppm to 5.25ppm)
    • Most likely a balancing tweak to make the Moment of Clarity talent more competitive.
  • Savage Roar now costs 40 energy (was 25)
    • This is going to be one of the most micro-managey talents created. It’s cost increased to 40 energy and its duration reduced to almost half of what it is on live.
      The thing with Savage Roar is that if you don’t take the talent, the combo points that would be spent on it would be spent on Ferocious Bite. The damage from the extra Ferocious Bite’s would need to be roughly equal to the damage from Savage Roar for the talent to be balanced.
  • Soul of the Forest now restores 12 energy per combo point
    • This talent has been buffed several times, from 6 to 8 to 12 energy per combo point. I was a really big fan of this talent back in Mists of Pandaria, especially at the start of the expansion. It really helped the rotation when the low levels of crit and haste on gear make the rotation feel slow.
  • Powerful Bite now increases Ferocious Bite critical strike damage by 7/14/21% (was 5/10/15%)
  • Razor Fangs now increases Rip damage by 7/14/21% (was 5/10/15%)
  • Sharpened Claws now increases Swipe damage by 7/14/21% (was 5/10/15%)
  • Tear the Flesh now increases Rake damage by 7/14/21% (was 5/10/15%)
  • Shredder Fangs now increases Shred damage by 15% (was 10%)
    • The previous 5 changes are all on the artifact weapon. Looks like our damage was re-balanced from baseline to the artifact weapon.
  • Bloodtalons now increases damage by 50% (was 40%)

New Talents

I’ve written a post on my thoughts on the new talents (finally) which you can see here.

And that about covers it for the pre-expansion patch. Are you excited for the pre-patch? What are you thoughts on the changes coming? Let me know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment on the post, send me an email at fileunderferal@gmail.com, follow me on twitter @Elamari_ or like and comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FileUnderFeral.



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