Legion Patch 7.1.5 Survival Guide

Patch 7.1.5 goes live today. It brings with it a lot updates and new content. This post will cover just the changes relating to Feral Druids. As usual, MMO Champion has a detail on all of the patch features. Icy Veins has a video and a post about the changes, and WoW Head has survival guide up.

Feral Changes
Most of the changes are buffs, which is always a good thing. However there are a few nerfs. Talent choices remain the same and our spell priority (rotation) stays the same.

Feral changes in Patch 7.1.5

Feral changes in Patch 7.1.5 (Source: MMO Champion)

  • The damage done by most Feral abilities has been increased by 8%.
    • This might become the ‘go to’ way to tweak the spec. Savage Roar is a talent now, simply buffing it, like what has been done in the past, would make the talent more powerful than the other talents on the same row. So I think we can expect more future changes along this line.
  • Brutal Slash now has a 12 second recharge (was 18 seconds).
    • Strong buff to our AOE. Should make Feral’s more competitive on trash in Mythic+ dungeons.
  • Elune’s Guidance now has a duration of 8 seconds (was 5 seconds).
  • Incarnation now reduces energy costs by 60% (was 50%).
    • There might be some bosses or situations in the upcoming Nighthold raid that require extremely high burst damage where this could be useful, but generally speaking it is not as strong as Savage Roar.
  • Infected Wounds now reduces movement speed by 30% (was 50%).
    • These kinds of changes often accompany any buffs Feral receives. Bleed damage is super effective in PVP because there are very few ways to remove them; they can’t be dispelled like a poisons, diseases, and curses. To avoid making Feral too powerful in PVP, these changes will impact bleed up-time.
  • Maim damage increased by 75%.
    • Not relevant for PVE, purely a PVP change.
  • Moment of Clarity now increases damage of affected spells by 15%.
  • Moment of Clarity only affects Shred, Thrash, and Swipe.
    • Buffs to an unused spell. Not relevant to PVE raiding.
  • Razor Fangs now increase the damage dealt by Rip by 4% per point (was 7%).
    • As I mentioned in the first changes, flat buffs to dps throughput are offset by nerfs to bleeds for PVP. It’s to be expected. Relic’s remain the same.
  • Soul of the Forest now grants 15 energy per combo point (was 12).
    • Savage Roar is still the better choice. However if you take this talent, you must be aware of your energy and avoid capping, which, as we approach higher gear levels will take up more of your time.

Changes to Existing Legendary Items
There was a large disparity in the desirability of certain legendaries before the patch. There were throughput legendaries and utility legendaries. The difference was so stark, that players were not excited that they got a legendary, but utter disappointed when it wasn’t a throughput one. This has promoted the changes to legendaries which nerf the throughput ones and buff the utility ones to bring them closer together. Changes to the Feral Druid specific ones and shared ones are below:

  • Druid
  • Shared
    • Aggramar’s Stride – Now increases your movement speed by Haste or Critical Strike, whichever is higher
    • Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus – Now also grants Haste. New effect: Every 30 sec, gain an absorb shield for 25% of your maximum health for 30 sec.
    • Norgannon’s Foresight – New effect: Standing still for 8 sec grants you Foresight, allowing you to cast while moving for 5 sec. This duration begins when you start moving.
    • Roots of Shaladrassil – Now heals you for 3% of your maximum health every 1 second, up from 4% of your maximum health every 3 seconds
    • Sephuz’s Secret – Now also works of Interrupts and Dispels and grants 25% haste, up from 15%
    • Cinidaria, the Symbiote – Now also heals for 100% of the damage done and no longer does damage as Physical school

New Legendary Items
Patch 7.1.5 introduces some new legendaries including a Feral specific one. Fiery Red Maimers appears to be PVP focused, as Maim is rarely used in PVE. Icy Veins is reporting some bugs with the item and currently doesn’t recommend it. However, those of us not in a position to choose, would be happy with them. At item level 910 they are more than likely to be an upgrade for most players, and is itemised perfectly for Feral Druid’s with crit and mastery secondary stats.

Fiery Red Maimers

New Feral Druid legendary item – Fiery Red Maimers (Image Source: WoW Head)

A new shared trinket Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish is not too shabby either. It’s on use ability would help pick up in the AOE department where Feral Druid’s currently lack.

Kil Jaden's Burning Wish

New shared legendary – Kil’jaden’s Burning Wish. (Image Source: WoW Head)

Secondary Stat Changes
The amount of rating required per 1% of Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, and Versatility was increased – effectively a nerf. But secondary stats on items increased to compensate. Rating conversions are as follows:

  • Critical Strike – Now requires 400 rating per 1% Critical Strike, up from 350.
  • Haste – Now requires 375 rating per 1% Haste, up from 325.
  • Mastery – Now requires 400 rating per 1 Mastery, up from 350.
  • Versatility – Now requires 475 rating per 1% damage and healing increase, up from 400. Now requires 950 rating per 1% damage taken reduction, up from 800.



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