Feral Druid Addon Review – dotfocus

Since early Wrath of the Lich King, I have used the Bad Kitty addon to track my bleeds and Savage Roar. It could be customised to show icons and a few other things, but I used it for the timer bars. Unfortunately it has not / is not being updated for Legion, which means I have to find a new addon. Enter DotFocus.

DotFocus is a buffs / debuffs tracker that can also monitor energy, combo points, and much more. This is the followup addon of the very successful DroodFocus by Meranannon, now adapted for Legion compatibility. While it has huge functionality, I want it just for timer bars to replace Bad Kitty. In this post I will go through the process I used to set up.

Step 1 – Download DotFocus from Curse.

Step 2 – Turn it on and load into WoW.

When you load into WoW, and are in Cat Form you will see the default layout. I prefer timer bars over icons. So I will be going through and turning off a lot of features.

Default dot focus settings

Step 3 – Configuration

To open the configuration menu click on the mini map icon or type /dotfocus options into the chat. I turned this into a macro and put it on my bars to save time. To enter configuration mode click the Enter button where it says Configuration mode.

Dot focus menu

DotFocus menu

Dot focus configuration menu.

DotFocus configuration menu.

There is a lot of status bars, timers, and icons in this addon which can be customised. You can move them around the screen by clicking and dragging the blue circle with the white arrow icon. Mousing over the icon will display the name of the item. You can turn off the items by clicking the “Config” button in the Dotfocus menu that corresponds to the item you want to turn off, then unchecking the “enabled” check box.

Enable check box

The enable check box is in the top left corner of the config window for the selected item.

Current Setup

I’ve got for simplistic setup, this is for several reasons. My computer is fairly old, so the less stress I can put on it the better, which means condensing the onscreen items to as few as possible. The less onscreen items also give me maximum visibility of my surroundings. The last thing I want is to be caught in a voidzone I couldn’t see because an icon or a timing bar was covering it.

As I mentioned in my post about my UI, I want to keep all the important information as close to the centre of the screen as possible to reduce the amount of time my eyes are not focused where the action is. I’ve also been playing Feral long enough to know when my Omen of Clarity procs occur, when I have a Bloodtalons proc up etc, so I removed those cues.

Current Dotfocus setup.

Current Dotfocus setup.

One of the best features is that Dotfocus tracks the strength of your bleeds. On the icons for your bleeds are three dots along the bottom indicating which buffs have been applied to those bleeds. The first dot, coloured red by default, is for Savage Roar. The second dot is for Tiger’s Fury, and the third blue dot is for Bloodtalons. There is also a coloured dot in the top right corner. When this dot is red, it means that the the bleed is at full strength and should not be overridden. When the dot is green it means that reapplying a new bleed would be stronger than the current e.g. there is a Bloodtalons proc up.

Bleed strength

You can see here the Rake and Rip icons. Rip has all three coloured dots highlighted meaning it currently is buffed with Savage Roar, Tiger’s Fury, and Bloodtalons. It can’t be buffed any further so the top right dot is red. Rake has only been buffed with Savage Roar and Tiger’s Fury. The top right dot is green which indicates that a spell is active (e.g. Bloodtalons) which can buff reapplied Rake.

Pros / Cons

Once I worked my way around the settings, I found that I could turn off most of the unnecessary icons, timer bars etc. The bleed strength tracking is extremely useful. Before with the old addon Badkitty, I would have to memorise on the fly the strength of my bleeds. I don’t have any data, but I am confident that this addon significantly improved my dps.

One the down side, I dislike that the addon reverts back to it’s default settings if you change a talent or change specs. The addon does appear to use a bit of memory, but I’m not sure how that impacts on performance. It would depend on individual players systems.

I can strongly recommend that you give it a go, especially if you are not currently using any addons to track your bleeds.

What addons do you use to track your bleeds? Let me know. You can leave a comment on the post, send me an email at fileunderferal@gmail.com, tweet me @Elamari_ or leave a comment on the File Under Feral Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FileUnderFeral.



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