Throne of Thunder Review – Guest blog by 25 man Feral raider Ravissian

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you play a feral. One thing I’ve noticed about us is that Ferals love reading and talking about Ferals. That’s how I found File Under Feral in the first place. You therefore probably already know our strengths and weaknesses! It’s for this reason that in this post I’m going to explore the latest raid tier – Throne of Thunder (Patch 5.2) – from a Feral standpoint. I would like to thank Elamari for letting me write this post and also for being an all-round nice guy helping my guild several times when we have been short a DPS – quite often at very late notice!

My Feral druid, Ravissian, is part of a 25 man guild on Frostmourne-Oceanic. We were progression raiding as a 10 man in 5.0 and decided to switch to 25 man for 5.2 as we grew and I have to say – Throne of Thunder is impressive in a 25 man setting!

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Jin’rokh & Horridon – Guardian POV

Since I have been back raiding with my guild, I have taken up a tanking role instead of a DPS role like I was last expansion. I would like to share my experiences as a Guardian from the first two encounters in Throne of Thunder.

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Player suggested changes to Druids

The other day Jaymz (author of last weeks post) directed me to a post on the official forums titled “5.3 Druid Suggestions“. The post was discussing player changes players would make to Druids if they had the power. Jaymz suggested that I “take up the call”. So after some thought I posted some changes that I think would be great as well as replying to a few other people in the thread. Everyone should head over and have a read, there are some interesting ideas being tossed around. Since the thread was about all Druid specs, I threw in some thoughts on Guardians as well. Here is my reply. Quotes from other people are in italics.

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Tier 14 Review – Guest blog by Heroic raiding Feral Jaymz

Hello fellow Ferals!

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Elamari has asked me to do a guest post, and I very happily agreed. So I should probably introduce, and give some background on myself.

My name is Jaymz (pronounced James), I am a former Veteran of Apotheosis on Eldre’thalas where we accomplished 8/16 H in T14, 8/8H in T13, 7/8H T12, and 7/13H T11. At the time of this writing I am 11/12 normal T15 (which is how far I had gotten before leaving Apotheosis).

Today I’m going to do a brief boss by boss recap of Tier 14. Giving some detail of my thoughts for the bosses I have Heroic experience with. I’ll discuss Talent, Glyph, and Symbiosis choices. As well as any Feral specific tips or issues I encountered. Here is a link to the talent and glyph setup I usually run. I’ll only make mention if these choices changed. So… on with the recap!

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Updates and notices

In the aim of bringing you the most up to date and reliable content I have some updates to some of my previous posts and notices which are still relevant and I would like to draw your attention to.

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Naenae is recruiting a tank. Can you help out?

I joined my current raid team in the guild Naenae during Patch 4.1 in Cataclysm. As long as I have been a member it has offered me what I want from raiding, given my current real life schedule. The team has successfully cleared normal modes with some heroic progression; 1/7 H Firelands and 3/8 H Dragonsoul. We were able to achieve 2 Dragonwrath’s and 1 set of legendary daggers. Unfortunately the release of Diablo 3 and the end of expansion doldrums hit the team hard. Two members decided that they wouldn’t be returning in Mists of Pandaria. That coupled with real life commitments from many members at the end of last year have caused the team to have a late start to raiding this expansions content.

Now the time is right. There has been some changes in team structure; several role changes (tanks switching to dps) and the previous raid leader stepping down. My desire to raid has lead to me taking up the raid leader position. Four weeks ago after a small recruitment drive we went into our first raid. Week 1 we went 4/6 Mogu’shan Vaults and 6/6 in week 2 (Ahead of the Curve). We have since ventured into Heart of Fear (2/6) and 3/4 in Terrace of Endless Spring (with elite protectors), thanks to a friends lock out. Our progress has come to a halt because of tank reliability. The previous tank I recruited has had difficulty making our raid times and this is seriously affecting our progression. So I am recruiting again.

The team is currently looking for a tank, preferably a Death Knight or Monk, but will consider other classes and a ranged dps, preferably a Warlock.

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