Cat Nap #3 – Waffle bites with Jarre

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of content as of late, I’ve had a busy schedule. However it appears that I am not the only one. There hasn’t been much content from anyone over the last month.

Just letting Druids out there that a fellow blogged named Jarre from Rank 4 Healing Touch was recently featured in a Team Waffle Cast, mini cast called Waffle bites. Jarre and Arielle have a small discussion on resto specific changes coming in patch 5.4 (Sorry Ferals). They also cover items, talents, spec changes, glyphs, and more! The audio can be found here: Jarre also has some extra comments in this blog post of theirs. Check it out, it is interesting.

Hope you are feeling refreshed after our cat nap.



Why do players choose the Incarnation talent as Feral?

Something that I have noticed is that it is common for Ferals to take the Incarnation talent, despite the superior dps of the Soul of the Forest (SotF) talent in the same tier. It’s been well established since Mist of Pandaria went live that SofF provides the highest DPS of that talent tier. Popular sources where players can find information about how to gear their character (Official Forums, The Fluid Druid, Icy Veins, Elitist Jerks, Noxxic) all recommend SofF over Incarnation stating that it gives the highest dps. So why do players still take the talent? To give the research I’ve done some context, I’m going to do a compare and contrast of the SofF and Incarnation talents, weighing up the pros and cons of each one and then discuss reasons why players chose the talent.

Talent Description
Each talent operates in a different manner and have several factors can could influences a players decision. I’ve found four main factors that are defining of the each talent.

Incarnation IconIncarnation Soul of the Forest IconSoul of the Forest
On use ability Passive ability
Change in appearance No change in appearance
Emphasis on burst damage Emphasis on finishing move
More management timing other burst spells Less management – more consistent play

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Cat Nap #2 – Feral Druid Round Table

The Team Waffle Cast (podcast for Druids, by Druids) is hosting their third Feral Druid round table show. It is currently scheduled for Saturday 8th June at 11am PST. The show will feature guests with backgrounds in Heroic 10 and 25 man raiding, PVP Gladiators and Sim craft / addon writers.

The show is currently taking questions. You can post your questions on a variety of forums I’ll list below. I’ve asked a question about why players still take the Incarnation talent when Soul of the Forest is the easiest option & best DPS, and is recommended on many advice sites. I was going to write a blog post about this topic (might still do) however I would like to hear what these guys think. I have some more questions to add, but I’m going to wait before posting in case I think of more.

Official Forums –
MMO Champion Forums –
The Fluid Druid Forums –

Hope you are feeling refreshed after our cat nap.

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Cat Nap #1 – Obtain a Handful of Stolen Gems from the Treasure Saurok

What are Cat Naps?
Cat Naps are new content I will be adding to my blog. They will be shorter posts about very specific things. Cat Naps wont be posted to a schedule like regular blogs but rather when they are relevant and when I have the time. Hope you guys enjoy.

Cat Nap #1 – Obtain a Handful of Stolen Gems from the Treasure Saurok
This week I finished this part of the In the Hall of the Thunder King to complete the meta (Stormbreaker). There are some good talents that help with this. But first I recommend that you watch this video that explains how / when the Treasure Saurok spawns.

Talents – Wild Charge, Faerie Swarm, Ursol’s Vortex
Items – Frost Rune Trap

Before you open any chests make sure to clear the room of adds. When you have done that switch to Bear Form and place yourself at max range of the chest. The reason you are in Bear Form is because Cat Form Wild Charge puts you behind the target and there is a chance of being turned around or not gaining as much ground as you should. Bear Form Wild Charge takes you in a straight line to the target, which is what we want. Next place a Frost Rune, then Ursol’s Vortex in the path of the Treasure Saurok and open the chest straight away. As soon as the stun dissipates, Wild Charge. Macroing Faerie Swarm to Wild Charge will automatically apply it.

 /use Wild Charge
 /use Faerie Fire

To see why this macro works or to find more see my post on macros.
After Wild Charging, switch to Cat Form, blow Berserk and zerg it down. Since we have sacrificed Mighty Bash for Ursol’s Vortex, throw a Maim up to give you some breathing room. Once dead, you have to loot the corpse for the achievement. If done correctly you will have earned yourself 10 achievement points and a grey vendor trash item.

Hope you are feeling refreshed after our cat nap.

<Naenae> Proudmoore, US