Contact Elamari

I am always happy to accept questions, comments, suggestions and feedback from readers. Constructive feedback is best and don’t forget to mention what you DO like and WHY you don’t like something. I realise that not everyone is going to agree on every topic but that is no reason why we can’t have a great discussion and see what we can learn from each other.

You can contact me through the blog by leaving comments on the posts or through my blog email. I make an effort to reply to every comment and email.


I have social media accounts which I check on a regular basis. Updates for new posts come through Twitter and the Facebook page. I am fairly active on Twitter and participate in a lot of World of Warcraft related conversations and discussions.

Twitter: @Elamari_

The Fluid Druid Forums are a forum dedicated to the Druid class. A number of notable Druids from the World of Warcraft community call it home. There are loads of discussion from theorycrafting, best in slot lists, class guides and much more.

The Fluid Druid Forums as Elamari:

Armoury Link:


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