Dispelling Enrage Effects – Soothe, the forgotten dispel

Dispels have undergone numerous changes of the course of the game, evolving as Blizzards design philosophy has. Moving away from particular classes having unique abilities to a more uniform design with multiple classes being able to fill the dispel role – “bring the player not the class” e.g. all of the healing classes are able to dispel magic effects plus at least one of the other common dispellable effects (poison, disease & curse). When discussing the topic of dispels, enrage effects are often forgotten in a PVE context for a variety of reasons; the mechanic is rarely used (compared to the other types of dispels), the duration of the enrage is quite short or the mob dies quickly so the mechanic becomes trivial or the mob can be stunned / crowd controlled, and/or there are only a limited number of classes that are capable of dispelling enrage effects (Druids, Hunters & Rogues) so the mechanic sees limited use in current encounter design.

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Addon review: Clique and Feral Druids

Following up from my post on raid frames for Feral Druids I am going to talk about an addon that compliments raid frames nicely. Clique is an addon that enables click-casting and hover-casting on unit and raid frames much the same as mouse over macros do. The biggest advantage of this addon is that it allows you to more quickly select both the spell to cast and the target of the spell without requiring an extra click.

Clique is very versatile. It allows the use of modifiers (shift, alt, control) when binding spells, it can be used with any unit / raid frames including the standard Blizzard frames and it can activate macros. Clique also has a number of customizable settings such as dual spec profiles, activation based on whether you are in combat or not and activation based on the type of target i.e. friendly or enemy.

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