5 Things your raid leader should know about Feral Druids

Feral Druids are a complex class on many levels; rotation, utility and play style. More often than not we are just lumped with the other melee damage dealers. Because of the Feral Druids complexity there are some things that often get overlooked or are unknown to raid leaders. This post aims to provide some insight by listing and discussing 5 things that raid leaders should know about Feral Druids.

1. Feral Druids should always attack from behind the target when possible.

It is important for all melee dps to be behind their target because mobs / bosses can’t parry from behind, they can only dodge; therefore your chances of landing a hit are increased. However it is more important for Feral Druids because our primary combo point generating ability, Shred, can only be used behind the target. Targets that can only be attacked from the front (e.g. Ultraxion, Major-Domo Staghelm, Magmaw, Kologarn etc…), put Feral Druids at a damage dealing disadvantage. When ever possible try to position yourself behind the target and discuss this quirk with you raid leader.

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Tips for levelling as Feral

I have a quick announcement before I get into today’s post. I spend a lot of time listening to many podcasts and like to leave comments when I can. One podcast called Tauren Think Tank has a segment called ‘Tell us one thing’. Listeners can send questions into the show for the hosts to answer. I sent them in a question asking “If you could go back in time, to what time would you go?” and they answered it on the show, episode 17. But, Rem who is one of the hosts pronounced my name wrong. He pronounced it as “Ela – marie’. The other host Jules, pronounced it correctly, El-la-mar-ree (it rhymes with calamari). It made me laugh, so if you like WOW related podcasts definitely check out Tauren Think Tank.

Today’s blog post has been inspired by another podcast I listen to called The Training Dummies. In this podcast they talk about all sorts of things you can do as a WOW player to improve your performance. It is focused around raiding and PVE content. In their latest episode (ep 9) they had a listener send an email in and ask about advice for leveling a Feral Druid. With Mists of Pandaria under a month away it made sense to me to do a sort of guide / tips post about leveling a Feral Druid. So let’s dive into it.

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