Druids of the Beast – Guest blog by all Druid guild, guild leader Monsterbaby

I go by the fabulous name Monsterbaby. I am founder and leader of the Druid only guild Druids of the Beast Shadowsong [EU] Alliance. My guild has been featured in various articles, podcasts and been spotlighted over the years. Here is my story of how it began, who is behind my character, where it is at and how I managed the guild over the years. I started playing WOW in 2005. but jumped a bit from one character to another for the first two months, until I finally settled for this particular Druid, with quite specific looks.

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Cat Nap #3 – Waffle bites with Jarre

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of content as of late, I’ve had a busy schedule. However it appears that I am not the only one. There hasn’t been much content from anyone over the last month.

Just letting Druids out there that a fellow blogged named Jarre from Rank 4 Healing Touch was recently featured in a Team Waffle Cast, mini cast called Waffle bites. Jarre and Arielle have a small discussion on resto specific changes coming in patch 5.4 (Sorry Ferals). They also cover items, talents, spec changes, glyphs, and more! The audio can be found here: http://teamwafflecast.com/2013/waffle-bites-jarre-and-pve-resto-in-5-4/. Jarre also has some extra comments in this blog post of theirs. Check it out, it is interesting.

Hope you are feeling refreshed after our cat nap.