Stampeding Roar – Tier 14 Edition

Continuing with the “numbers aren’t the only thing that makes you a good player” theme that has been present in several of my latest posts; I am going to re-visit a previous topic and discuss how it applies to the current raiding tier. The previous post on Stampeding Roar was written before Mists of Pandaria and there have been some minor changes to how players can interact with the spell, primarily through the revised glyph system. The encounter design of the current tier has created several opportunities to use this spell to its fullest potential which I will be exploring in this post.

Stampeding Roar tooltip

The old Stampeding Roar tool tip from Cataclysm. (Image from WoW Head)

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Feral Druid Symbiosis Guide – Mogu’shan Vaults

I was looking around the internet for some information on Symbiosis recommendations for Mogu’shan Vaults. To my surprise there was very little information particularly with recommendations for Feral Druids. This prompted me to do some more searching through forums and websites to create a simple guide with recommendations for each boss in Mogu’shan Vaults. These recommendations can be applied to 10 / 25 & LFR, however it mostly depends a lot on group composition as that is the nature of the spell.

Symbiosis has a lot of options available to you and can be difficult to remember. There are a number of tables / charts that show the spells you gain and the spells that your target gains and I have linked some of them below.

WOW Head –

The Fluid Druid –

Fat Boss Youtube –

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