Episode 78 of the Training Dummies – Get the Nitty Gritty On The Feral Kitty

Hend and Rob over at The Training Dummies podcast have honoured me by asking me to be a guest host for an episode on Feral Druids.

“The guys stopped deleting their Druids for long enough to realize that maybe Druids do have some awesome to bring to the table. In this episode Rob and Hend are joined by long time friend of the show and Feral Druid rockstar, Elamari! We get into the nitty gritty of Feral kitty talents, dps, and glyphs and even clear the air about DoT snap-shotting. We also learn that Mike Preach was wrong about Feral kittys and the level 100 talents are kind of awesome!”

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So you think you can PVP? – Guest blog Feral PVPer Ðaiquiri on Frostmourne-US

Up for some PVP and all that Jazz? If yes then you’ve come to the right place… or you just want to hear some lunatic to blab on about how fun PVP as a Feral Druid can be then you have also come to the right place. So let’s get into it!

I’m Ðaiquiri from the server Frostmourne-US and I’ve been PVPing as Feral since the beginning of The Wrath of the Lich King. I have never been bored with the Feral Druid play style whether it is battlegrounds, rated battlegrounds, arenas or World PVP. Having been an active member of Gundrak’s number one RBG group (Pinoy Guild on Gundrak) and also just being that person that helps others just to get there weekly caps with arenas I’ve had my fair share of PVP.

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Feral Druid Guide to Farming Bloody Coins

The end of expansion doldrums are fast approaching. One of the goals on my bucket list is to collect 200 mounts before the end of the expansion. The first one I tackled was collecting 500 Bloody Coins for the Ashhide Mushan Beast mount. My logic being that it is going to be easiest while the content is current. I can’t image many people hanging out on the Timeless Isle once Warlords of Draenor arrives. I live tweeted my final 10 coins a few weeks back when I earned the achievement. Today’s post is a bit of a guide as to how I went about collecting the Bloody Coins.

Censer tool tip

Are you prepared for the grind? Make yourself familiar with this bad boy. [Image modified from WoW Head]

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Garrosh Defeated – A Guardian Point of View

About three weeks ago I was offered a tanking position on a ten man team on my new realm Frostmourne. After two solid nights over two weeks on Garrosh we finally downed him. It was an intense, albeit sloppy first kill. I would like to share what I found the fight really interesting and challenging about the fight from a tank perspective.

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Throne of Thunder Review – Guest blog by 25 man Feral raider Ravissian

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you play a feral. One thing I’ve noticed about us is that Ferals love reading and talking about Ferals. That’s how I found File Under Feral in the first place. You therefore probably already know our strengths and weaknesses! It’s for this reason that in this post I’m going to explore the latest raid tier – Throne of Thunder (Patch 5.2) – from a Feral standpoint. I would like to thank Elamari for letting me write this post and also for being an all-round nice guy helping my guild several times when we have been short a DPS – quite often at very late notice!

My Feral druid, Ravissian, is part of a 25 man guild on Frostmourne-Oceanic. We were progression raiding as a 10 man in 5.0 and decided to switch to 25 man for 5.2 as we grew and I have to say – Throne of Thunder is impressive in a 25 man setting!

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Cat Nap #1 – Obtain a Handful of Stolen Gems from the Treasure Saurok

What are Cat Naps?
Cat Naps are new content I will be adding to my blog. They will be shorter posts about very specific things. Cat Naps wont be posted to a schedule like regular blogs but rather when they are relevant and when I have the time. Hope you guys enjoy.

Cat Nap #1 – Obtain a Handful of Stolen Gems from the Treasure Saurok
This week I finished this part of the In the Hall of the Thunder King to complete the meta (Stormbreaker). There are some good talents that help with this. But first I recommend that you watch this video that explains how / when the Treasure Saurok spawns.

Talents – Wild Charge, Faerie Swarm, Ursol’s Vortex
Items – Frost Rune Trap

Before you open any chests make sure to clear the room of adds. When you have done that switch to Bear Form and place yourself at max range of the chest. The reason you are in Bear Form is because Cat Form Wild Charge puts you behind the target and there is a chance of being turned around or not gaining as much ground as you should. Bear Form Wild Charge takes you in a straight line to the target, which is what we want. Next place a Frost Rune, then Ursol’s Vortex in the path of the Treasure Saurok and open the chest straight away. As soon as the stun dissipates, Wild Charge. Macroing Faerie Swarm to Wild Charge will automatically apply it.

 /use Wild Charge
 /use Faerie Fire

To see why this macro works or to find more see my post on macros.
After Wild Charging, switch to Cat Form, blow Berserk and zerg it down. Since we have sacrificed Mighty Bash for Ursol’s Vortex, throw a Maim up to give you some breathing room. Once dead, you have to loot the corpse for the achievement. If done correctly you will have earned yourself 10 achievement points and a grey vendor trash item.

Hope you are feeling refreshed after our cat nap.

<Naenae> Proudmoore, US

Jin’rokh & Horridon – Guardian POV

Since I have been back raiding with my guild, I have taken up a tanking role instead of a DPS role like I was last expansion. I would like to share my experiences as a Guardian from the first two encounters in Throne of Thunder.

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